Want to learn Internet Marketing? You're in the right place!


Want To Learn Internet Marketing?

You're in the Right Place!

Heard a lot of hype about working online? So have I.
But I've also been doing it successfully since 1997!

Read on - I can help you achieve the same success...


Welcome! Self-Starters Weekly Tips has been in circulation via email for for almost 9 full years, with a web presence for more than six.

If you want to learn internet marketing, this is one newsletter you'll want to make sure you're reading!

Let me guess - your inbox is full of junk, you're tired of hearing about the latest product launch, and you just want to start or grow your online business.

Am I right? Believe me - I know how you feel. I had to tune out a lot of the junk mail and internet marketing hype that's floating around online myself. The funny thing is, some of those guys have only been on the scene for a couple of years (if that!) and have never sold a product online outside of a product that teaches you how to sell online!

SSWT is different. You'll get how-to content and internet marketing news, great resources and lots of freebies. And here's the real kicker: it's written by someone who actually does what they teach.

That would be me, Lynn Terry, and I currently have over a dozen active websites in different niches with a variety of business models, selling both digital and physical products. This is my 13th year in business, working online, and I make a very nice living at it. I'd like to help you do the same...


No hype. No crap. Just facts, case studies, methods & resources I have tested personally, internet marketing strategies I am using myself, and tips that I know for fact will help you make money online.


"You're sure to find a new way to make money online here at SSWT, fully seasoned with Lynn's personal passion and dedication to your success! From getting started, to cutting costs and increasing profit, she'll share the details of launching and operating every step of a successful online business. She shares an honest opinion, personal experience, case studies and success stories, step-by-step instruction and exclusive internet marketing tips..."