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Ideas And Solutions To Overcome The Tasks We Hate...

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Ideas And Solutions To Overcome The Tasks We Hate...

Postby withmason » Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:05 am

Hi,Mason here and as always it is wonderful to be in the market place with you all today...

I created this thread so we can help each other on the tasks that really make us build up
strength to overcome...


Writing articles...
Forum posting...
video editing...

So here is what I would like some help on,

and that's how do you or can you outsource you camtasia tutorials...

Please any questions you have lets get them out and help each other break down barriers...
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Re: Ideas And Solutions To Overcome The Tasks We Hate...

Postby tknoppe » Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:46 pm

Outsourcing Camtasia is a little tougher, as it's recording your screen while actually doing something, so unless who you outsource to someone who knows how to do the task... you see the problem? Of course, you could write out instructions, but then by the time you did that, you could do the Camtasia screen capture yourself. ;)

So is there a reason why you are wanting/needing to outsource the Camtasia? Teaching is generally not something you can outsource easily.
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Re: Ideas And Solutions To Overcome The Tasks We Hate...

Postby terrapin719 » Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:19 pm

I guess it depends on what you're teaching. Like Traci said, teaching isn't something that's easy to outsource. I've seen short, quick, basic videos outsourced, but if you're teaching something that you're an expert in then it might be beneficial to do the steps yourself.
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