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Stomping the Search Engines & The Net Effect -Feedback

Tell us about the products/services that you have purchased online! Good, Bad? Want to recommend a service professional? -or- (ack!) Run accross a scam? Tell us all about it!

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Feedback on The Net Effect (print publication only)

Loved it! Cant wait to get the next issue!
Meh, not impressed - I'm cancelling my subscription
Awesome!! But I plan to cancel my subscription anyway
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Postby tknoppe » Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:19 pm

And that's the important part, implementation. No matter how great the material is inside the DVDs or magazine, without using the info, its completely useless.

So true Mike. I have a plethora of information here from various 'gurus', really to the point of brain overload, and without implementing some of what I have, it's useless to me. No matter how good the next best offer, webinar, product launch or whatever: if I haven't even implemented what I already have, what good will more do me? Chances are it won't do me any good and I'll not likely use that either. I got Stompernet because it was an awesome deal, and I have seen their free videos and info and knew it was quality content that I really could use and implement; but not all 'gurus' are created equal.
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Postby rvchuck » Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:44 am

I ordered late, but received package earlier than I expected. I've only opened it to make sure it arrived undamaged. All ok. Working out of town but will check it out on my return.
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Postby Debi Hoag » Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:57 am

I've read the first half of the magazine and, like others, have a list of ideas to implement. I've not reviewed any of the DVD yet as I'm preparing for an out-of-state trip.

I had planned to take the StSEv1 disk with me to listen while I drove. Testing that theory yesterday, though, I found that all the files are in FLV format and unable to be played via my MP3 player. Not happy about having to sit in front of a computer just to listen!
Debi Hoag
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My book of a review

Postby KristenArnold » Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:06 pm

Ok, I still haven't received my copy (sniff sniff) but have been devouring all the "freebie" (although some are not so free..) bonuses while I wait.

I am a little torn on the process- part of me says kudos for getting all the orders and understand the constraints to fill them, the other part of me is frustrated by the emails I get every other day asking me about it and I'm with Carol, by the time I get it how long will I have left in the month to decide? I took Frank Kern up on his "big box of stuff" and it was delivered in under a week.

Regarding the bonuses, I've been listening to the audios and I took up on the ImmediateEdge for $1.00 and have Ebens bonus open but haven't finished it yet since it won't download.

I hate to say this but I think my biggest frustration is that there are some core concepts in the bonuses- and I talk about bonuses since I don't have the actual product yet- that I already know- no I'm not saying I'm as smart as Howie or trying to be cocky, I'm saying its a frustration with myself that I finally have the general "how to put the pieces together"- I know about the social bookmarking and aggregator marketing and how to get on the front page of Google in less then an hour- I can do that, I have done that before getting the bonuses maybe it's because I'm an RSS junkie and I'm still not making money so I'm missing the boat and not doing something right with this knowledge and one of Howies videos actually helped me with one missing link that I didn't think about and will put to good use. I should be spending more time having the confidence of doing then reading I guess.

I see there is a big trend, and I know it's in part the world of internet marketing, but its about finding niches or the next big thing, hitting them hard, making a buck and moving on. You can use some of the techniques they show you but it's only going to keep you on the front page for so long, I'm hoping the Net Effect will focus more on long term results that can be used in conjunction with the fast, hard hitting for those of us that want to build an actual business and not just jump from one hot search trend to another.

The quickieprofits was a good bonus with the screencaputures of the order cart, and I'll use that for at least one of my sites.

The Yanik bonus was okay, I didn't think it was earth shattering or give me an "aha" moment but seemed to be more concept that I read before.

Like I said still trying to get thru Ebens call

I haven't gotten through Mike F video but I thought some of his tactics were pretty aggressive (like he's known for) but felt like he was really pushing sale after sale even on his "free bonus" so I got turned off and put it to the bottom of the list

I thought the Clayton report was worthy of a printout and highlighter

I downloaded but havent used the TrafficKahuna,Article Submitter and Autolauncher.

I haven't had the chance yet to check out the affiliate case study

I haven't read Jeff Walkers yet but I just finished PLF so its on my list but near the bottom for now- I need to get a bigger list to put into practice the actual lessons I learned in PLF to start with.

So there is my review and thoughts on the bonuses so far. Now, enough time spent on forums I have more pieces to fit together - LOL
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Postby angienewton » Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:28 pm

Just got my package today so I can't really say anything about the contents but my package was in good shape and got here quick.

There is a note inside the package that says your next payment for the Net Effect won't be billed until a month from the shipping date. So my ship date was 9/23 and I will be billed if I choose to keep the subscription on 10/23.

The follow up emails and everything have been professional. So far I have been happy with everything. Don't know how many of the bonuses I'll take advantage of but I can't believe I got them as I ordered after the cut off. Or maybe I didn't...I don't know LOL

So far so good.
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Finally came

Postby nar321 » Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:18 pm

Got my Stompernet package today, it came via USPS so I must have misunderstood as I had the idea that UPS would be doing the delivery's.Stick by my initial rant as to the length of time involved in getting it.
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Two Thumbs Up And A Punch In The Face!

Postby The_Moor » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:21 pm

I received my issue and like several other individuals my DVD case was damaged and the magazine a little mangled. The good news is I totally love the Magazine and will continue to receive it.

Just about every page in the magazine contained useful information. At the very lest it contained a pat on the back to let you know that you were already on the right path.
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Received mine about 10 days ago and

Postby grahamg4 » Tue Sep 30, 2008 7:52 pm

I thought it took too long to get here. I also, as a post above, ordered Frank's recent package and it arrived in a white re-closable box that, by the way now also contains the stse2 products.

As for the actual delivery, well it was laying in my driveway when I got home. Why wasn't it at my front door. I just happened to see an envelope. Glad it wasn't raining. Everything was in very good condition.

I like the content of Net Effect but my main concern is future editions arriving. I really lean away from magazine subscriptions as they don't seem to arrive as much as they should. Or, they don't arrive here. I'll take it month to month but, after not receiving it and if it is a problem to deal with them about it - Cancel.

I know this is slightly off topic but, as an overall grade I would give them a C- / D+. My reasoning:

1. A botched hyped launch. Took days and a lot of peoples time was spent sitting in anticipation.

2. Shipping took too long. Maybe they haven't directly dealt with physical products sold online. I don't know. But, most products ship next day if in stock. They were building to this so, really orders should have started shipping alsmost immediately.

3. I make no complaint about the OTO's or the bonuses requiring a sign-up but, when one of them turns around and offers up an additional free product only if you accept recurring billing - sour taste.

4. After 3 tries I gave up on Trey. Nothing, absolutely nothing happened other than accepting my name and email. The good side is he isn't flooding my in-box.

5. Shawn Casey took 2 tries and a couple of days but eventually arrived.

6. While a month trial membership is a great offer, I will pass on all of those. Don't have the time to take them up on it right now. Too many other stse2 things to do. I still have to start my 30DC. I think the trials should have been for 30 days in the next 6 or 12 months. Just my opinion.

All in all, I'm not bashing any of them. Rather being objective and taking note. We all strive to be in there shoes and sometimes those shoes might not be so much fun to be in.

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