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The 'Real Deal' on DealDotCom...

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The 'Real Deal' on DealDotCom...

Postby Lynn Terry » Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:28 pm

DealDotCom launched just over a week ago, and I have been keeping a close eye on it from day one. From all appearances the launch has been a huge success. Not only is it endorsed by practically every Internet Marketing expert, but the viral promotion has this spreading like wildfire.

If you havent checked it out yet, DealDotCom is an interactive website that features a exclusive special offer on an Internet Marketing product every single day.

If you arent already signed up, which is completely FREE, consider this your personal invitation:

The offers featured on DealDotCom are the same products that people are buying every day and that affiliates are promoting every day. They just happen to be exclusive special offers you cant get anywhere else online - and each "deal" lasts for only one day - beginning at midnight, and ending at midnight.

The types of products you can expect to find at DealDotCom are top rated software programs, info products, ebooks, access to membership sites, Private Label Rights (PLR) products, scripts, etc.

Today the featured "deal" is $70 off on SEO Elite, a popular software package by Brad Callen. In case you're reading this later than today 9/27/07, you can see what that deal looked like here (though I should tell you upfront that it already sold out, and before 8pm EST too!): ... oday-only/

As I mentioned I've been keeping a close eye on this, and so far I am really impressed with the setup and with the entire concept.

The way I see it, there are 3 very good ways to make money with DealDotCom:

1) You can promote the the deals, or the daily special offers, on your website or through blogs and mailing lists. You will earn 35% on all sales generated. The sale, and the sense of urgency created by the limitation on the offer (24 hours) will increase your conversion rate compared to promoting full-priced products in the Internet Marketing niche.

2) Spread the word about DealDotCom and promote the site and the affiliate opportunity to other people who are interested in making m*ney online. They offer 15% on the 2nd tier, so you will earn passive income on all of the sales from your referrals to the site.

3) Submit your own product(s) to be included on DealDotCom as an exclusive special offer. If you have an Internet Marketing related product, this is a GREAT opportunity for you to get some massive viral exposure. Not only will it be featured on the main site at DealDotCom, but it will be promoted by the thousands of DDC affiliates... and it doesnt c0st ANYthing to submit your product/offer for inclusion!

All 3 of these options are free to use, and available to you when you register at DealDotCom. All you have to do is create an account at the top right corner of this page:


Or if you are already registered, log in and start putting the power of this cool new site to work for you!
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Postby Ellen » Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:21 am

Very cool, Lynn. I signed up through the link you provided. Wish I'd of read this when the DEAL you mentioned, "$70 off on SEO Elite, a popular software package by Brad Callen," was still available.

Ah well, there's sure to be a deal that comes along I will be interested in, and able to take advantage of. And what a terrific opportunity to get your own deals out there for others! (Something I'll consdier later on.) In the mean time, I think I'll see what I can to to spread the word as an affiliate. :wink:

Thanks again!
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