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Easy Niche Research: Niche Blueprint Review

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Easy Niche Research: Niche Blueprint Review

Postby Lynn Terry » Sat Sep 15, 2007 3:46 pm

Product Review: Niche Blueprint

The Niche Blueprint package comes with A LOT more than I expected. Either I didnt read the sales letter very well (very likely), or there are quite a few unadvertised bonuses (also possible). A rebrandable report on developing Niche Blogs, resale rights on Turn Visitors Into Buyers - all kinds of stuff!

Anyway - Niche Blueprint is a combination of guides and videos. You get to download each set of videos so you can watch them offline, which is a plus. The voice on the videos is male, very clear and easy to understand, and he speaks at a great pace (not too fast, not too slow). Bottom line: the quality is VERY good.

Some of you that have been reading for awhile may remember my love for “hot markets”… well, these videos really had lightbulbs going off in my head!

Let’s face it, anybody can do keyword research and get a pretty good idea of the interest for a particular market or even a specific keyword phrase. But these videos go in much more depth than that. Instead of looking at what people were searching in the last 30 or 60 days (a month ago)… you’ll learn how to spot who’s buying what, where - now. This month… and even today!

You can imagine just how valuable that is, particularly with the holiday sales season approaching ;)

Niche Blueprint definitely gets a thumbs-up from me. The bonuses alone were worth the price!

Note: I liked this product so much that I purchased rights to it, and have made it
available as a free download for Elite Members :)
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Quick question Lynn

Postby The_Moor » Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:13 pm

Since you have been using this program how many more profitable niches have you found... If you do not mind me asking.
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