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learnming to crawl before you can walk.

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learnming to crawl before you can walk.

Postby jeremylg » Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:43 am

In my journey over that past few years of building my graphic design business, i have had months of no work and times when i have turned away potential clients. recently I have decided to create unique products that are just unique enough that people go "wow thats pretty neat I gotta try that"

I have just launched a product that can have the potential to reach millions of people in a very viral way. in just less then 24 hours I have brought in the equivelant of half my paycheck from my "real life" job.

I have learned that when it comes to product creation, sometimes its the simplest things that work the best. As many times as it has been said:

Find what people are looking for, and sell it to them.

Did I know what people are looking for? In my case it was right in front of my eyes. What happened was I creating a different product and this just jumped out at me. I quickly put my first product on hold to put this new idea out there, I spent a total of about 6 hours on it and had a site up and running ready to take sales. at about 1 midnite I had the product made a tweet on twitter and by the time I woke up I had approximately 15 affiliates actively promoting. while paying out on a 50% instant commission for my product.

Needless to say I am very pleased.

In case your wondering what my product is it can be viewed from my twitter site in my sig.

Its not hard to make money online, the hardest part is keeping it simple.

granted there are somethings you have to learn, but getting the basics down does more for anyone then any high priced seminar dvds, etc.. will ever do.

Have a great day
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