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Inspiration, Perspiration & Motivation

Show Off Your Success! Post your Work-at-Home or Online Business Success Story. From small achievements to life-changing success, we'd love to hear your story...

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Inspiration, Perspiration & Motivation

Postby Dan_Auito » Fri Jun 13, 2008 10:54 pm

I'd say those three words were the keys to my success Lynn. Necessity is the mother of invention seem to ring true as well in my case.

My story: I called the local newspaper about one year ago to list a home I had for sale and their classifieds dept came back with "that will be $144.00 for four lines of text for one month" Oh man did I see red, I just thought it was outrageous and the mission was on.

I've designed and built websites before so I figured O.K. this is needed. none of the larger online classifieds networks paid any attention to our small town, Craiglist wasn't here, Oodle,, Kijiji were nowhere to be found, so I decided to build the platform.

To make a long story short it took a year and it has really come alive and become very profitable in a very short time, I built an advertising and marketing platform with more than your standard amount of bells and whistles and made it hometown friendly so that I could work with our local businesses to help them do more and better business.

The site can be seen here: I've learned a lot in one year and also have started to expand upon the original operation to help other small town web savvy operators to run the exact same platform in their county, this is my next foray: Syndication!

I know this works and it is challenging and offers others the exact same opportunities it has given me, I hope to grow the network and make it a network of advertisers who can approach larger conglomerates to advertise certain nationwide products and services using the syndicated network that we are just now beginning to build, here is the whole story if you really want to see how we have become successful in very short order and how we're offering it to others in and effort to grow the operation:

We’re launching a Classified Ads Website Operators Syndication Network. If you have ever wanted to operate your own web ECommerce platform then this offer may be for you.

I’m out to find partners who are capable of succeeding, your members come to mind first.

If you have no interest in running your own Internet Marketing and Online Advertising operations than I encourage you to just move on without bothering to investigate further.

The reason I’m posting Lynn is because I have been a member of yours for years and know everyone here is internet savvy enough to become successful relatively quickly (1 month) with what I have to offer, if you have a few moments to investigate this offer feel free to click the links below to learn more. Thank you Lynn for allowing me to post, there are 3141 counties in the U.S. we are looking for independent operators/joint venture partners in as many locations as possible:

Running your own show:
http://www.thecitruscountyclassifieds.c ... r-prop.doc

Initial contract:
http://www.thecitruscountyclassifieds.c ... icense.doc

I'm always available and will answer any question you may have, just shoot me a PM here at Lynn's.
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