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My Old Success

Show Off Your Success! Post your Work-at-Home or Online Business Success Story. From small achievements to life-changing success, we'd love to hear your story...

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My Old Success

Postby chillzkid » Wed Sep 26, 2007 1:00 pm

Hello all...

about 2 years ago, when I was still in community college,
I discovered a 'trick' ? to make money... well I thought it was
a trick... I signed up to this program at the advice of somebody,
it was a free program, but HE was getting paid $9 per lead...

I didn't realize what it all was... but I thought, hey, this thing is
free, so all i gotta do is get people to try it... so i was 'marketing'
like cRazy, trying to get people to try it... and i was on my second
month, Made $600 in my second month!! mostly just copy+paste

Sad part was, the company went out of business, I still got paid though
but I never even knew what I was doing... I just copied the guy,
who got meE to join... well, than I did just about what everyone
does, is i got a JOB (just over broke), factory work, manual labor
mindless numbing work... Radio Shack clerk... etc. Than I finally
thought I had a 'Good' Job.... only problem was the pay... it was a
Techie job and I read people in my field makes $50k a year... and it
was a small company, so I thought, maybe in 4-5 years I can become
a manager or something, because I'm a hard worker, and that's all it takes right?

Well one night, there needed a project to be done, and we were behind... way behind... I stayed till 5am that morning, and went home got 4 hours of sleep, went back to work ('a lil late') and got YELLED AT for coming Late. Well they didn't know I stayed till 5am...

Well anyways, 6-month evaluation time, and I know I went way beyond expectations, did everything that was asked of me and then some etc. And I thought I was finally gonna get my just dues, and make more positions Average... (or the bottom 10% and I would of been happy)

You know what they offered me? After all my sweat and tears?

A stinkin $1 dollar an hour raise! Which brings it to a total of $11/hour... for a positition that demands almost double that! I was floored... I could of went back to the factory and make more... I couldn't support my family off of that... and I was PIST. Now all their previous praised turned into criticism... definatlely a boardroom type atmosphere, if you ever been in salary negotiations, you know what I mean... Now these people I thought were my friends, (my bosses), made me feel like they're my family... now they were tellin me that they could out-source what I do, and can only pay what they would pay and outsource person..... they were even trying to get me not to get the health insurance...

Well I am no one's cheap labor, intellectual labor or otherwise...

The past 6 months been living off my savings... moved back in with my parents... and now am gonna try this thing called "affiliate marketing" that I stumbled upon 2 years ago... I only wished I know how powerful it was than, and how only working for yourself will your hard work pay off.

Thanks for the time guys, sorry for the rant.

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Postby jacquelynrose » Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:14 pm

Wow good story and I am sorry about the whole 'work' thing, I understand you there...I have always believed I was worth more than what other people thought I was worth...and that I am capable of a lot more than what I do now...Well Kevin, your in the right place!
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Postby Lynn Terry » Thu Sep 27, 2007 7:38 pm

Congratulations on the decision to go full-time as an Affiliate Marketer!

Let us know if you have any questions along the way, or want to brainstorm ideas, concepts. We have an Affiliate Marketing category here at the forum dedicated to that topic ;)
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Postby James Schramko » Sun Oct 21, 2007 3:44 am

Good luck -

Sounds like you have the required motivation to do what is needed to be done!
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