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UNLIMITED Custom Ecovers & Mini-Site Designs - ONE Price

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UNLIMITED Custom Ecovers & Mini-Site Designs - ONE Price

Postby cramsay » Thu Oct 09, 2008 1:33 pm

A Few Lucky SSWT Members Have Discovered How To Get...

UNLIMITED Ecovers & Mini-Site Designs for ONE Crazy Low Price!






RE: Unlimited Ecovers and Mini-Site Designs

Dear Friend,

I won't bore you with a long sales letter... I don't have to tell you that high quality ecovers & mini-site designs can actually triple & up to quadruple website conversions overnight. You already know these type of designs can instantly turn your visitors into buyers... that's why you are reading this :)

The problem is the COST!

Especially if you produce multiple products, sell PLR or Resell Rights products, or even flip websites. Most people simply can't afford to pay our normal prices of $87 for a mini-site, or $47 for each and every product ecover they need - and that's at reasonable prices - most designers are even more expensive!

That's where the Unlimited Ecovers membership comes in...

We Will Create Unlimited Ecovers and Mini-Site Designs to Your Custom Specifications for ONE Low Cost!

If you own multiple websites and products, this is really a no-brainer...

Here is how it works...

1. You join Unlimited Ecovers for a small cost of Image --> SSWT PRICE: $147 per month. ($50 OFF regular price)

2. You will be given access to a private and secure project management system where you can submit your ecover and/or mini-site designs to us.

3. Submitting your designs is easy! Just fill out a simple form by answering a few questions such as Project Type (eCover, Header Graphic, Header/Footer Package, or Mini-Site Package), your preferred ecover style (currently 13 different styles to choose from), Product Name, Preferred Colors, etc. and click submit.

4. We will get working right away and have a first draft of your design back to you within 72 hours.

5. If you require problem. We will do unlimited revisions! We will work until your designs fit YOUR specifications and you are 100% satisfied!

6. Once you approve the final design we will send you all the required files for simple uploading to your website.

7. You are now ready to submit another project :)

It's Like Having a Full-Time Graphic Designer Cranking Out Ecovers and Mini-Site Designs for You Without Having to Pay an Outrageous Salary!

But don't take my word for it! Here are some Testimonials:

"the best I've bought, ever"

Cindy is an excellent and SUPER fast graphic designer. The first package she designed for me is worth the entire price of this Sale. I can't believe I'll get a month of her services for the price of 1 mini-site package! It almost feel like I'm ripping her off. No Kidding. If your business requires minisite designs (and whose doesn't?) and there are any spots left, you should definitely grab one.

This package is the best value and probably the best service I've bought, ever.

Thanks Cindy,


UPDATE: We have created 18 Full Custom Minisite designs for Sherry so far in just her first 2 months of being an UnlimitedEcover's member.

"Your designs are wonderful"


Your designs are wonderful. Fast turnaround time and great work even though minimal instructions were given. Overall an excellent service. Get it while you can.


UPDATE: We have created 18 Full Custom Minisite designs for SK so far in just his first 2 months of being an UnlimitedEcover's member.

"definately the best service I have ever purchased"

Cindy, You really do rock... I am very happy with this service so far, this is definately the best service I have ever purchased and has already proven to be a great asset to my business :-)

I have already had several projects completed by Cindy, and I have to say everytime she knocks a project out for me it always ends up being a "work of art master piece"...


UPDATE: We have created 31 Full Custom Minisite designs for Justin so far in just his first 2 months of being an UnlimitedEcover's member.

As you can imagine, a service like this is in a pretty high demand - as a smart internet marketer you will realize that - we are offering an unlimited amount of CUSTOM DESIGNED sites for less than our rivals charge for ONE SITE...

So the demand will be huge... unfortunately, we don't have the time to design for dozens of people, so will be closing the doors at any time...

This isn't some marketing ploy where we say you only get the bonuses if you buy by midnight tonight - this is a case of our design studio not being able to cope with too many members and still offer the customer service we take pride in...

In other words, if you're interested, you better click below and reserve one of the seats now...

JOIN NOW ====>

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I know your ecover and/or mini-site designs are any good?

A. Click below to see some of the ecovers and min-sites we have created for our clients:


* * *

Q. What is the turn around time for an ecover and/or mini-site design?

A. We will have a first draft of your design back to you within 72 hours.

* * *

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

A. Nope. Your only cost is the flat Image --> SSWT PRICE: $147 per month. ($50 OFF regular price)

* * *

Q. How many projects can I submit at a time?

A. You can submit 2 projects at a time.

* * *

Q. Do I receive the original .PSD files?

A. No, to protect our intellectual property we don't provide the original source files to graphics. However if you MUST have the original .PSD files you can purchase them from us for an additional cost. UPDATE: YES as part of the SSWT special you DO get all PSD files with each design at no extra cost.

* * *

JOIN NOW ====>
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