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Post your website for review, and let fellow members give you valuable feedback! Please post the link, a bit of information about your website, and what it is you would like feedback on specifically (design, color scheme, browser compatibility, copy, functionality, etc)

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Postby edwinnyc » Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:00 pm

I am seeking feedback on conversion strategies, and traffic building strategies.

I am weak on using social bookmarking sites, blogs, building a auto responder series as of yet, but not bad on SEO, if you type restaurant funding I will come up on 1st page, feel free to pm since I am limited on time so I just mention to others now to pm for help, so I can give back to members as they have given to me.

I am ok on SEO and if you need help from me in this area just pm for my own feedback
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Postby karynsolo » Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:55 am

First I would start by getting Adwords going with this idea. Then I would get on Forums that deal with restaurants, and also those what deal with funding and start posting with my link in the signature.

Past that I would post a few ads on Craigslist which is free. Get as many back links as you can going to the site, and continue on with your usual SEO routines as well.

As time goes by begin submitting articles about funding for restaurants to get your name and site out there as much as possible. Becoming an authority on the subject will help with future conversions.
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thanks karyn and

Postby edwinnyc » Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:49 pm

Karyn...thanks for feedback lets see what can be learned from this submission for review.
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Postby robert adams » Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:19 pm

I wonder edwinn, why you have not put any of the things in place that people here keep suggesting to you.

Your site looks fine, it works fine etc.

However, if your objective is to capture leads ( name and email), then you do not want to send someone that never heard of you , to a form that asks all that personal info.

It has been suggested that you offer a free report of some kind when they submit their name and email. That is still not anywhere on your site.

I would remove all the links to the application form and just put at least one signup form for the free report/book, etc. ( maybe two, one at the top and one at the bottom. )

get your report or ebook or whatever ready,
get your autoresponder ready with the replies with the download link to the report.
then put up the signup form on the web page.

I would leave the copy you have , I think it is fine. However, I would add some copy about the free report they are going to get and then TELL them to sign up for the report.

Once you have their name and email, you can begin your follow up emails to sell them on the idea of applying for a loan.

When you are doing that, you should put your loan application on a secure server ( ) and not make it a publicly known url. You would put that link in the emails that you are sending out.

Would you go to a website that you know nothing about, and give out personal info about your business? I doubt it, especially if it is not even on a secure server.

by the way, if you decide you want to do a secure server, just talk to your host about how to do it. they will most likely let you use their server to do it with.

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robert adams
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Postby edwinnyc » Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:51 am

I ran into a concrete wall, as far as creating a series of emails to followup after someone gets my free report. Just having a real hard time coming up with those series of emails.

alan also suggested I do this and now am working on coming up with a email autoresponder series wish to try to do it on my own and not farm it out at this point, ... I REALLY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO DO THIS HAVING A SUPER HARD TIME WITH THIS BUT WILL DO IT THIS TIME EVEN IF I DO A POOR JOB WITH THE EMAIL it is just getting around to getting it done...time is an issue.

The application form robert, I have kept it very simple and do not ask for any real personal information, just went to apply now page to see what you are talking about and did find something that someone may be uncomfortable with providing which is amount of credit card sales, do you accept credit cards other then that I do not think I would be putting anyone info at risk.

Robert if you were in business would not want to provide the basic info on my apply now page if you did not see https on top or the lock symbol.........confused since it is so basic what I am asking for.

Robert are you saying that even if I am asking for any information that it should be placed on secure server, even if I am just asking for company name, name, phone, email addr...don't see where I can justify the expense unless this is tested at some point and the results clearly state that by not having form on a secure server that is affecting sign ups.
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Postby Al Smith » Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:49 pm

Hi Edwinn,

Like Robert says, you are overthinking this.

Some of this has been stated before. Here's something you can do today:

Decide: Take 10 of your best articles that describe and promote what you want the person to do. Provide the reader with valuable info of course and the call to action.

Load them into your autoresponder to go out at 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17. and 19 days respectively. (or longer but do it today . . .)

Now set up your squeeze page. Load it onto your site with the form from your autoresponder.

Drive traffic to your page and monitor how the people convert or not.

Remember nothing works without good flow of targeted traffic.

Let's see what happens tomorrow . . . (you can't steer a parked car, start this moving today if you can)

We'll be here for more questions as you complete the process.

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Postby robert adams » Tue Sep 02, 2008 1:13 pm

You have stated that your purpose is to generate leads.
That is the purpose of that page. It is a pretty good page for that purpose except that there is no real call to action.

A lead is just a name and email address, that is all you need for a lead. You can get all the rest of that info later.

You do not need any of that other info until they are interested in getting a loan and you have not sold them on that idea yet.
You are just trying to gather qualified leads.

In this case a qualified lead is anyone that puts their name and email address in asking for your report on restaraunt funding.

also, for now, all you need to do is collect the names and emails and send them their free report. You do not have to have any of your follow ups ready yet.

There is no rule that says you have to have everything in place before you start.

Just put a signup form on that page ( and every other page of your site ) asking for name and email.
Set up your autoresponder to reply to them with a link to their free report.

That is all you really need to worry about for now.

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