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Have questions related to the review of my site

Post your website for review, and let fellow members give you valuable feedback! Please post the link, a bit of information about your website, and what it is you would like feedback on specifically (design, color scheme, browser compatibility, copy, functionality, etc)

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Have questions related to the review of my site

Postby edwinnyc » Sat Jul 26, 2008 11:37 am

I have gotten some feedback already on my site, but still need more help.

website: ---------for review

I have a lead generation site, strictly to generate leads so I can call them and discuss their needs. I am not selling anything on the site except now for an affiliate program I signed up to yesterday for those needing floor plans.

My online market for this site are restaurant owners, those opening a restaurant or those whom just opened one.

My concerns are about usability, conversions, credibility - trust, image, layout and design, graphics, professionalism especially since i deal with loan brokering.

1) Concerned about my home page made some changes but now need another review

2) what is missing to make my site more trusting especially since I am collecting email addresses through aweber autoresponder service

3) Concerned I am giving alot of good solid information, no fatty stuff here but real gold nuggets that can help business owners make sound decisions when they go for the type of financing I offer

4) Not sure if to keep adding content since I am now wondering if the site is becoming to full with information and will this hurt me by continuing to keep adding content since I am concerned about site looking to busy with information and confusing to find things. I am at a loss I want to add more information for the life of the site but wondering if I am hurting myself somehow by doing this. I know by providing good keyword rich content based pages will get me more traffic but also wonder when is too much and enough and should I just focus on getting traffic through another means like, web 2.0 sites, article directories etcccc

5) I am wondering if my silo is more then 3 levels deep heard it is best to keep it at 3 levels but not sure the pros and cons if it goes over that or stays within the 3 levels

6) For the first time I will be submitting my own articles and it appears my articles on my site are too informative and maybe should have broken up into 2 parts and having issues figuring this out on how to create articles that are broken up into 2 parts for whatever reason I am having an issue with this although I do not problems writing articles at all the problem is in how to best approach creating articles and then use them on my site and in article sites need ideas on how to best approach this

7) my home page landing page, have thought about making it a squeeze page with no links anywhere to anywhere on my site but this confuses me on the pros and cons of this and would like help in evaluating the pros and cons to my thoughts on this

Focus would be just to get people to fill out an application but then how do people navigate around the site if there are no links to anywhere on the site

The problem I am having is that I am already getting traffic to my site and they are landing on my home page but also landing in other parts of my site, so the question is what are the things I should be thinking about if I wish to capitalize on my existing traffic to my site without hurting myself if I were to create a home page that has no links back to anywhere on my site.....

If I create a stand alone squeeze landing page to just have visitors fill out a form then what I will be faced with here. I will have no traffic if it is a new site and domain so I will need to buy traffic to get there, and will not benefit from the traffic I am already getting to my site.

So the confusion is should I do both a squeeze landing page that is totally new 1 page sales page website and leave the other home page alone with links to other parts of my site or handle it differently but not sure on what ways could it be handled differently without hurting myself

8) Should my phone number be listed if I have a link to fill out a application for a loan or not if not why not if yes then why

9) people are signing up for the free restaurant magzine and also the free ebook and also filling out the online application butg have nothing in place yet to follow up on them via aweber, not sure how to quite create a autoresponder series at this moment need help with this and suggestions

10) how to use my site along with web 2.o sites to get traffic to my site and should I point from my site to those web 2.0 sites as well just like they would point to me and my site

11) does my site look professional, is it hard to navigate and find information is it simple to use and find things
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