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Shipping snafus!

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Shipping snafus!

Postby shortstack » Mon Nov 12, 2007 10:50 am

Hello and Good morning,

I have a website through an online web builder that has some limits in it's functionality. In the beginning, this was no problem.

Now, I have 4 suppiers and shipping costs can vary greatly. I am having some shipping problems that are probably potentially scaring customers away. One customer emailed me that her $50 worth of merchandise was showing a $60 shipping fee. Ugh!

This is what my web host support said, "For your information, the rate is a all pages or none set up. Currently, the cart does not support shipping if they are more than 1 shipping location. You can create more account and then create a items section for each shipper you have or you can insert a third party cart to your website that can handle the different shipping locations. "

I have an idea that would easily work for my one supplier: For their items, I could easily add $20 (or $30 to make a $10 profit) because I know that is what the shipping is. so That takes care of one supplier--then I can alsosay "free shipping" which is always nice to hear.

The other 3 suppliers are not so cut and dry. Shipping costs vary greatly and that is why I ended up paying for shipping personally because the transaction was completed and yada yada--you don't need to hear this. I am trying to figure out how to add shipping creatively but effectively so as not to rip off me or lose customers.

Is it time for a new web hoster? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks very much!

Sincerely, :shock:

ps I apologize to the administrators, as I posted this message in the beginner topics first. Thanks!
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