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need help pls

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:41 am
by davisjackson
I need to be able to make my own website, or at least be able to update it. I bought Expression Web. I've bought several "dummy" books on building a website. I even downloaded CoffeeCup. I keep looking for a class at the Community College, but they all seem to be "flash", or a basic HTML class. I'm at a loss. I'm not sure which way to go.

I have a website I built using a proprietary product at It's a website, that's about all you can say. The program worked like a graphics program and was easy to use, but limited.

I bought Expression Web and tried to build a site on for my genealogy society. I used a template, thinking it would be easy. I ended up hiring someone to fix it. I couldnt' get it to upload correctly. Part of it didn't show up on the site and it "bounced".

I bought a new domain and just let the same person do my new site. Apparently, I am a pain, because she quit replying to my emails.

I asked someone what it would cost to upload an updated menu page each week and he agreed to do it for $100. a week. That's not what I call affordable.

So, at minimum, I have three sites out there that need updating. They are all very simple. They have no moving parts. However, I will need to add a "store" to my personal website this year.

I put an ad on Craig's list for someone to design a site, and had tons of offers. How do you choose? What kind of questions do you ask?

Can anyone suggest a class, or a product that is easy to use, or a book that isn't written in Greek. I don't mind hiring someone to do the initial programming, just not willing to keep paying every week to post menus.

I really hate being clueless.


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Re: need help pls

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 7:49 am
by tknoppe
Might I suggest using WordPress - then you don't need to know html, it's very easy to update and yes - it can do both blog posts AND web site pages all in one. Most web hosts that have cpanel have Fantastico so you can easily install WordPress. I've got some free video tutorials on my Genesis Blogging site that may help you.

If you're needing more detailed step-by-step help, check out Beginner to Blogger in 4 Weeks, an eCourse which shows you how to install a WordPress blog, customize it, etc...

Re: need help pls

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 8:29 am
by angienewton
I say go with Traci's blogging course and you'll be up and running in 4 weeks. Is that soon enough? :wink:

I personally use XSitePro web design software and love it. I also use Wordpress but as a blog only.

Re: need help pls

PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:11 pm
by terrapin719
Wordpress sounds like a good solution, as Traci suggested it would be easy for you to post new updates each week without knowing any HTML. Traci's begginer blogging course is really helpful if you want to get started with that type of site she walks you through everything step by step.

If you have HTML sites that need updated/fixed that are just going to be static pages I can help you fix those if you want PM or email me the URL's and I'll have a look at them for you. It sounds like you have all the right tools in your arsenal and maybe just need a little practice at using them. We'll help you figure it out, just take one thing at a time.

Re: need help pls

PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 9:05 am
by lindastacy
Stop buying stuff! :D Seriously, as Loretta said it sounds like you have plenty of tools, but if you keep jumping from tool to tool you'll never learn how to use any of them.

If you really can't accomplish what you want with what you have, then I agree with the others that have recommended WordPress (no, it's not just for blogs). Definitely check out Traci's resources; she's the best!

Re: need help pls

PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:42 am
by terrapin719
lindastacy wrote:Stop buying stuff! :D

I need to write that on a sticky note and attach it to my monitor! :lol: