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3D design programs

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3D design programs

Postby susapra » Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:03 am

I want to start to create more 3D art work with my logo's and website designs, and was curious on what you think is the best program to start learning? One that is relatively simple to use or learn. I'm not going to create huge peices of 3D art work, just little bits and peaces in places of my designs.


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Postby cliffdodger » Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:48 pm

I don't know if there's such a thing as 3D and simple :shock:

If you're looking for something that is relatively simple to learn that rules out the big players like Maya and 3DS or Rhino, and probably rules out Blender - although you may want to check that one out since it is free and would have a great community of tutorials available.

Otherwise.... Milkshape 3D comes to mind but I haven't tried it, can't say how simple it is. There's a cheap (possibly free) one called Anim8or but I can imagine it would be pretty limited.

If you just want to do some 3d text and logo's... Coffee Cup (company name) makes a good piece of software for that and as of Adobe CS4 flash is now capable of doing 3d text and 3d fx.
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