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Sharing A Movie Clip

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Sharing A Movie Clip

Postby LynnWilson » Sat Sep 15, 2007 7:34 am

Every time I have uploaded an MPG from my digital camera to a program such as photobucket, it gets blurry. I have put one of my MPG files right into my FTP. When I use the URL directly to that, the movie is so much clearer, but I'm not sure visitors to my website would wait the minute or so it takes to download the movie and then have their computer open the program they need to view it - whatever that may be.

Does this work for you? (Only if you have time and care to look.)

I wish I knew more about putting things like this on my website. Any suggestions?

Lynn :D
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Postby Steve MacLellan » Mon Nov 19, 2007 9:03 pm

Hi Lynn,

It worked for me, but then I have other plugins besides Flash. I have my computer configured to open *.mpg files in Quicktime.

Well, enough about me. There are less and less people who know about such things as configuring media players such as Quicktime, or Real Player, and they all depend on Flash to deliver media clips to them.

So the best solution is to convert the &.mpg files into *.flv so they can be played in a Flash player. Not all converters are created equal. In the last year I must have downloaded about a dozen or more -- some were paid for and others were free. Then I found:

If you're using a cable ISP, this will work great for you.

You can get a free FLV/Flash player to add to your site here:

Directions on how to embed it into your website are here:

Best Regards,
Steve MacLellan
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Steve MacLellan
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Postby gsmart » Sun Aug 24, 2008 1:42 am

For anyone that is still looking for a solution to this problem. PubClip can convert an MPG file for streaming and downloading. You can choose the encoding setting to control the size and quality of your video to fit your needs. Good Luck!
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