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Converting scanned line art into vector format

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Converting scanned line art into vector format

Postby RussellWebb » Mon Jul 16, 2007 2:35 pm

I've heard that 'flash' has good trace features for converting files into vector format. Does anybody have experience here with flash?

We really need to get a handle on this because we have a ton of artwork (all rug designs in BW line art) that need to be converted. The designs need to be colored in... yes, we can do it in photoshop - but that's not what we're looking for - they need to be sharp vector graphics.

We've tried with illustrator... but it's a real hassle. The black outline tends to become a solid object underneath - like a second layer - this makes it impossible to grab the design element and edit without making a complete mess of the whole thing.

we're currently using cs2 (cs3 is on the way)

Thanks in advance
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