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What Exactly is Google AdSense?

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What Exactly is Google AdSense?

Postby doc333 » Thu Jan 01, 2009 1:48 am

Google AdSense is an easy and fast tool for all web site publishers to display relevant and unobtrusive Google ads on their web site's pages and make money. The ads that the advertisers publish need to have keywords, which people use for searching purpose. Advertisers get commission, when the users decide to purchase anything from such ads.

Google AdSense is also an ideal way for web site publishers to offer Google search to their web site users. It is a quick way to earn good amount of money by displaying ads on the pages of search results.

The AdSense program is free and blends PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and PPI (Pay-Per- Impression) advertising. It means that, advertisers can earn money for both a single click on their site's ads as well as for impressions on their content pages. Thus, it is an apt and easy way to earn quick money online.

How Does AdSense Work?

Advertisers need to fill in application form for installing Google AdSense on their Web site. Advertisers need to fill in certain personal info on the online application form while installing AdSense in their web site. Such personal details include name, address, SSN and income tax account number and bank account number for electronic fund transfer.

Advertisers can select either AdSense for search pages or AdSense for Content Pages. When Google approves the application form, it gives them the AdSense Code to install it in the web site. Once, advertisers install this code in their web page, it starts working immediately and consecutively advertisers start earning in several ways such as:

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC): This is a most common way through which advertisers can earn good amount of money in their pocket. This works and fetches money when a visitor clicks on the displayed ads of advertisers' web site.

2. Pay-Per-Impression (PPI): It is an easy mode and brings in money every time when a visitor just sees the ad. It is not necessary that the visitors have to purchase anything from the displayed ads or web site.

3. Referral: Advertisers can also earn sizeable income by referring a visitor to make use of Google AdSense or download the Google toolbar.


Some web sites do extremely well with Google AdSense, while many sites fail to work well with this program. Many advertisers think that simply installing AdSense in their web site brings in loads of money. However, this is a misconception. This is because an advertiser's income depends on the fulfillment of following criteria:

1. The content of the web site has to have rich keywords, and users need to search for those keywords whenever they log in and want to purchase or search for anything.

2. The web site needs to have massive traffic, since more income depends on more traffic, even if there are low paying key phrases or other metrics.

3. In addition, advertisers often need to implement their ads with necessary changes. For instance, positions and colors often work better and attract more number of visitors to the site.
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