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How to Monetize Your Website Without Google's Adsense

Q&A for using Adsense, YPN or other contextual advertising options on your web pages. Discussing layout, format, optimization tips, sharing results and more...

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How to Monetize Your Website Without Google's Adsense

Postby Dale King » Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:02 am

If you've been using the Internet for any length of time, you've no doubt heard the term "contextual" marketing. But what exactly is contextual marketing? Well, a prime example of contextual marketing would be Google's Adsense - those little ads you see running on so many websites these days. The problem with Adsense however is that it places intrusive advertising on your website, which is a huge turn-off for many people.

However, there is a better, less intrusive way of utilizing contextual marketing. What is it? Instead of monetizing your website with advertising, try placing targeted product links at the tail end of relevant content. For example, if your website or blog has published an article on marketing, having a direct link at the end of the article that gives readers the opportunity to purchase a marketing product that is closely related to the topic of the article would be contextual marketing.

This method of marketing can be particularly effective if you own a content site. Why? Because according to the statistics I've read, content sites receive 90% of all Internet traffic. That means having a content site provides you with an outstanding opportunity to generate additional revenue from your website without alienating your visitors with Adsense ads. And even if you don't own your own products, you can still utilize this method of marketing by linking your articles to affiliate products and earn money that way.

The key to making money with this method of marketing is to write a compelling, benefit-laden link that makes the reader want to click on it for more information. For example, suppose your marketing article was about writing effective headlines. You'd want your link to read something like this:

"Learn How To Instantly Create Magical Headlines That Make Money! Click here."

The whole concept behind contextual marketing is to snare the impulse buyer. And it makes perfect sense too, because if someone is interested in reading about a particular topic, there is a good chance that he would be interested in purchasing a product related to that topic.
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Postby gallito89 » Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:30 pm

Fully agreed, while AdSense is certainly the easiest option for monetizing a site it makes it look cheap and robs you of far larger commissions that could be earned by converting your own traffic rather than selling it off.
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