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The E-Commerce Trends in 21st Century

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The E-Commerce Trends in 21st Century

Postby cindyliao » Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:07 am

What are the differences between 21st centurye-commerce trends and 20th century direct sales trends?Let us look:

First, the development trends are different
First of all, let’s look at what we call Internet e-commerce. This means using the Internet to provide users with online information services and activities. E-commerce refers to using electronic means to do business, and moving traditional shopping and sales channels online. The first e-commerce business model is used in electronic data interchange (EDI), and nowB-C (business-to-consumer,B-B (business-to-business transactions), C-C (consumer transactions) and other new business models have been developed。

China is the second largest potential e-commerce market in the world, and e-commerce development here is a priority.

People in the 21st century will spend the most of their time on the Internet. Bill Gates has said that in the 21st century, a business must use e-commerce to survive, since the internet is becoming such an important part of modern life. We should use the internet as a platform to present our businesses. The Internet is changing all our lives; it is becoming a necessity in our lives. Computers and networks will decide our fate and future. This is because we are in the computer age.

Second, the two trends work in different ways
E-commerceis a real "you are in the office wearing pajamas, sitting at home” - type business. This is because you do not have to go out. With just a mouse & keyboard you will be able to complete all business activities. With direct sales companies, the study, exchange, gathering, and purchase of the products must be completed on the ground.

Third, the time difference
E-commerce is a 24-hour activity; with direct marketing this is simply impossible.

Fourth, the cost difference
E-commerce is characterized by being simple, fast, and low cost. When we engage ine-commerce we invest time and energy, but when we engage in direct sales we do not just invest time and energy but also, more importantly, money.

Fifth, development of different industries
E-commerce is a product of its speed, belonging to the information technology industry. It represents the current information technology trend. As such, it is an industry full of vitality, one that has nearly unlimited room for growth. It is a step ahead of the curve, enabling the expansion into low cost markets and other prospective markets.

The direct marketing industry is also a product of its time, but as it has been around already for more than half a century, it is becoming outdated. Also, there are more and more competitors in the direct marketing industry, but the space for competition is getting smaller and smaller.
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Postby jcduo » Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:26 am

Well, I do agree that e-commerce is becoming the in thing because its practical - both cost-efficient and wide reach of customers using direct approach. I also do see that traditional marketing has its flaws. However, what I do not agree with is the idea that traditional marketing has become outdated. If you analyze it, [url=""]online marketing[/url] still uses the most basic foundations of time tested philosophies of marketing.

I think, a better way to see it is that e-commerce is a continuing evolution of the traditional marketing. The tools are different, some technicalities are different, but when it comes to the basic idea of getting income, some strategies come from traditional marketing.
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Postby Dan484 » Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:42 pm

Some good points jcduo. The biggest part of commerce, both traditional and E, is getting people into your store. To get the highest ROI, you need to get that customer into the door/webpage to look at your product.

Some of the important things to keep in mind regarding commerce:

What does your customer really want/need?
Keep everything simple on the page for easy navigation.
Use a lot of pictures.
Market and promote your site.
Make the payment process quick and easy.
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