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American Association of Business People & Entrepreneurs™

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American Association of Business People & Entrepreneurs™

Postby Barry Rice » Tue Jan 06, 2009 12:45 pm

The American Association of Business People & Entrepreneurs™ (AABPE™) was founded, and introduced, by J.F. (Jim Straw) to overcome the burden of paying too much for the products and services we all need for our businesses.

AABPE™ was introduced on January 1, 2009 and I am honored that Mr. Straw asked to serve as a member of the AABPE™ Board of Advisors. The growth of the organization, in just a number of days, is growing by leaps and bounds.

Patterned after the AARP ... the AABPE™ will offer the same kinds of products and services directed toward Business People & Entrepreneurs ... YOU! AABPE™, as a group, negotiates with the providers of the products and services necessary in your business in order to achieve the best prices and terms for you. There is strength in numbers.

What kind of products and services will be made available?

That will be up to YOU!

Unlike other business organizations that offer only what they have to "sell," the AABPE™, through its "Research Bureau" locates and negotiates for the best prices and terms for you.

You tell AABPE™ what you need, or want, and the AABPE™ "Research Bureau" finds it for you and negotiates the best price and terms based upon the strength of our membership.

When AABPE™ contacts a viable "provider" of a product or service, the provider is told that AABPE™ can bring them thousands of paid customers who may want what they can provide. Then, AABPE™ negotiates for the absolute best price and terms for YOU. It is the strength of membership that assures AABPE™’s negotiating power.

The regular price to be a member is $250 per year, HOWEVER, for a LIMITED time, you can become a Founding Member of AABPE™ for a ONE-TIME payment of $250.00 and have a lifetime membership . . . and based on current enrollment rate, this offer will NOT last long.

Check it out and become a Founding Member by going to:
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