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Keyword Research: How Many Searches Is Enough?

How to do keyword research, find trends, locate niches, etc. Tools, methods, ideas and Q&A can be found here...

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Keyword Research: How Many Searches Is Enough?

Postby Lynn Terry » Sat Sep 15, 2007 4:05 pm

It is one of the most common questions when it comes to researching keywords, and is the one thing that stumps most people who are researching potential niches for online business ventures.

I recently put together a report as an exclusive bonus to those who get my Easy Niche Research subscription. It is not available anywhere else online. To give you a taste of what this report is all about...

There are a lot of free tools that will tell you how many searches a keyword or keyword phrase gets every day across the major search engines.

You start out by typing a general word or idea into your keyword research tool...

You might see keyword phrases that get 100 searches a day, 1,000 searches a day, or 10,000 searches a day.

Most people get stuck here, scratch their head, and ask "What is it I'm looking for, exactly? Big numbers, little numbers... What's the magic number?"

If this sounds like you, or you could use a few secrets from a seasoned expert on locating hot new niches to tap into... download this report:

:arrow: Keyword Research Secrets for Finding HOT Niches

No fluff. No list to join. No one-time-offer to bypass. Just a SOLID report detailing my own niche success secrets! Find out how I go from thinking "hey, I think I'll watch a movie tonight" to uncovering a niche and a perfect domain name (with conversions written all over it!) within a few short minutes.

If you struggle with keyword research, or finding a niche to make money online, download this report and read it right away. 30 minutes from now you could be registering a domain name and creating a killer niche site!

Get it here: Keyword Research Secrets for Finding HOT Niches

Note: If you would like to get free ongoing access to keyword lists, keyword research tips and other related downloads & information, click here for details.
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