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Stealing Traffic

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Stealing Traffic

Postby stevecm59 » Sun May 11, 2008 3:01 pm

Hello all,

Just was wondering about domain names the various dot coms, dot nets. I registered my domain and quickly got both .com and .net, but at the time, didn't check off the .us, .org, .info the long run, would it be wise to go back and register those extra "dots" as well? If say, my .com version goes well, is there really a chance someone could register the .us one and steal traffic away from me?
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Postby karynsolo » Thu May 15, 2008 11:57 am

There is always a chance someone will register the .us but logic tells me that the most popularly searched when someone is looking for a name is .com and .net those are always the two I go for first anyways.

You could certainly register it if you like but really I do not know what benefit at this point it will have for you. not to mention the .us names are usually quite a bit more expensive than the .com which is an additional investment you are making into the domain name.
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Postby Michelle Waters » Fri May 16, 2008 12:25 am

I agree, if you have the .com and the .net, you shouldn't worry about anything else.

Most people immediately assume .com, so you're covered.
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