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How to change the style on your phpbb2 bulletin board

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How to change the style on your phpbb2 bulletin board

Postby robert adams » Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:50 am

How to download and install a new phpBB2 Style

1. find the style you want .
2. download it to your computer

3. unzip it to your computer, keeping the directory structure intact.
most zip programs have this set as default. ( you want folders and files, not just files , when it is unzipped )

4. make sure that you only have one folder with the style name;

all the tpl files.

all the tpl files

5. using a ftp program, not dreamweaver, frontpage, or your hosting control panel,
upload the complete folder to the templates folder on the server.
right beside the one named subSilver

6. make sure that your ftp program is set to auto for upload
make sure that it is not set to change all file names to lower case.
the styles are case sensitive. subSilver is not the same as subsilver

7. go to the admin panel, click on the "add" link under the styles admin section. on the right , you should see your new style name in the list.
click on install.

How to setup your new style

If you want everyone , including yourself and including guests, to use your new style.

1. go to the admin panel/ general config section and choose your new style from the
dropdown menu.

2. check the radio button to yes for over ride user.

If you want everyone , including yourself to be able to choose between this or other styles.

1. select the style you want guests to see by choosing it in the drop down menu.

2. select no for over ride user.

3. go to your profile and select the style you wish to use. ( your members will be able
to do this as well.

you are done.

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robert adams
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Very Newbie Question

Postby KnoxWAHM » Fri Jul 25, 2008 12:44 pm


I've never done anything more than download WP with Fantastic, downlaod a WP theme, unzip and upload in bluehost. The option there when you use Fantastico automatically puts the WP in the right file.

So, if I was starting a new site, that I'd like to have a PhpBB forum attached to, but not the main/first page what do I have to set up to put it somewhere else - if that at all makes sense?

I told you total newbie.

Thank you,

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Postby robert adams » Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:29 pm

If you are going to install it using fantastico then it will atuomatically put it in a separate folder for you.

it is just like WP in that regard.

However, I would suggest that you not install phpbb using fantastico. They have altered the code in some subtle ways so that is works with their autoinstaller.

It makes some things not work properly down the line.

Like updates etc..

best is to install it yourself.

next post will describe the process for you.

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robert adams
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