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phpBB Forums - DataBase Migration Questions

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phpBB Forums - DataBase Migration Questions

Postby CorpRebel » Sat Dec 08, 2007 10:08 pm

Hi All!

Let's see if I can frame this question good enough ...

I need to reinstall a phpBB forum from a directory to "another" domain name. I have backups plus database backups from the old one, so the queston is this ...

HOW do I use the DB backups from the old domain to the "new" domain or folder? And can I do that?

The DB name and user name would have to be different, though ...

(In cPanel)

old-db-name => new-db-name
old-db-username => new-db-username

Guess the main question is ... Can I still use the older database on a new domain with the same setup.

Hope I'm making some sense here. heh heh


Rick Wilson aka CorpRebel 8)
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Postby robert adams » Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:43 pm

you bet Rick. there is no problem doing any of this.

I assume you are talking about a new hosting account somewhwere with a new domain name.

1. setup a phpbb board on the new server, get it working with the basic setup.

2. use bigdump to restore the database ( see below )

3 use the cookie MOD to fix all the settings to work on the new board ( see below )

4. your database backup does not care about database names, or usernames, or any of that.

big dump is very easy to use.
get it here:

Big Dump

1. copy your current config.php to your computer

2. open the bigdump.php file in a text editor ( wordpad is fine )

3. where it asks for the database info, put in what is in your config.php file
Code: Select all

// Database configuration

$db_server   = "your info here";
$db_name     = "your info here";
$db_username = "your info here";
$db_password = "your info here";

now, in the bigdump.php file, find this:
Code: Select all
$delaypersession = 0;

change the 0 to 300 and save the file.

4. using ftp, go to your server and create a folder in your phpbb folder, name it dump

5. upload your backup sql file and the bigdump.php file to that "dump" folder

6. in your browser, go to;

you should see the name of your backup file and a link to start the restore,

click on that and wait. It will take some time for large files, but as long as you get no errors and it does not stop, then wait until you get a success message and you are done.

7. when you have a successful restore, be sure to delete or rename the dump folder as it is a security issue if you don't.

that's it.

How to do the Cookie Dance:
First , get this:
Auto Cookies MOD
then, unzip it to your computer,

then upload the included install folder, to your phpbb folder on the server.,

then , in your browser, go to:

then in the suggested settings section, change the cookie name.
It doesn't matter what you change it to.

then click the button to accept the settings it finds.

then delete the install folder.

then log out of your board

then close your browser

then go back and log in again and test.
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robert adams
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Postby CorpRebel » Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:50 pm

Thanx Robert!

That should help quite a bit.

Image 8)
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