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Ebook overload

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Ebook overload

Postby Gbrad » Sun Jan 27, 2008 9:57 pm

My idea is to start creating easy step by step "How To" repair manuals or complete DIY kits for the different types of surface repairs that I do in my everyday business. I repair surface damages from Glass, cultured Marble, Corian, and Stainless Steel, in new construction. Everything I use to do repairs with is simple to and easy to purchase at either WallMart , Home Depot, or Lowes. Combine the material list with a complete step by step guide on the process and I think it would be a winner.

My problem is finding the right marketer to purchse information from that would help me learn how to publish this information and get it on the net. I have read some ebooks from Ken Silver to Ken Envoy but feel like the the more books I buy the more confused I get

One of my biggest confusion comes from topic selection. They all say that we should write about topics we know but yet most people write about the same subject of internet marketing. I would think that even if that really was your area of expertise that subject has been covered. I would write about either home improvment repair ideas or automobile repair ideas. I'm just afraid that because very few others seem to write about there knowledge maybe I would be way off base.

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Postby nar321 » Mon Jan 28, 2008 3:14 pm

As one way of accomplishing your idea check out
Do keyword searches for home improvement.
If you have a blog &/or web site run a poll
If you have a list ask them what they think of such an idea
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Postby LeelaCosgrove » Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:42 pm

I know what you mean ...

What you need to do is TEST your idea ... you have a good concept ... The home improvement market is huge ... and the kind of things you are talking about are going to be just as relevant if you're DIY'ing it in Charlotte or Beijing ...

But - you need to test.

1. Define your market.
2. Figure out where they hang out online (perhaps an online DIY forum, for instance)
3. Go there and ask questions ... find out what people want to know ... how you can answer their questions ... how much they would pay for that.
4. If the proposition looks viable, use this research to build your ebook.

Research is EVERYTHING.

So many of my prospective clients think they have the greatest idea for a book ... want to pay me thousands of dollars to write it ... but don't want to test. I won't take these people on - because the moment the book doesn't sell, that reflects on me and my writing skills ...
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