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PLR rights question

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PLR rights question

Postby Cynthia » Sun Nov 11, 2007 6:59 am

When the products states "You've purchased a product with Private Label Rights. You are free to sell this product and keep 100% of the profits" does that mean I can rebrand the product but not otherwise alter it to make it my own?

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Postby Lynn Terry » Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:59 am

See: ... le-rights/

The link above should explain the differences in various rights. But above all you should read the rights that came with the product for clarification as some authors may offer different rights than others, even under the same rights title.
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Postby Cynthia » Sun Nov 11, 2007 11:14 am

I had read that previously and have a pretty good idea of the different rights categories.

Specifically about PLR you write:

You might purchase PLR (private label rights) to articles, reports, ebooks or any other type of content. You are given the “source code” or the raw product. You can add affiliate links, add to the content, edit the content, change the author’s name to your own, sell it, publish it in a completely different format, etc.

I did read the rights that came with the package and there was nothing more than that. All the other products I've found list the exact rights - things you can do and things you cannot do. This one offers nothing more than that statement so it's quite vague.
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Postby ace5548 » Sun Nov 11, 2007 9:05 pm

I would think that the only other thing you can do is to get a hold of the person you bought the PLR package from and ask them to "spell out" the rights you have. That should keep you out of any kind of trouble. :)
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Postby Cynthia » Sun Nov 11, 2007 10:15 pm

I suppose that's the only way to find out for sure. :)
Thanks for the input.
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