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Creating reports from a Macintosh

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Creating reports from a Macintosh

Postby LarryC » Sat Sep 15, 2007 7:02 pm

I am writing a report that I want to market using the $7 system created by Jonathan Leger, but I've noticed that things don't always work the same with a Macintosh. For one thing, I cannot download the free PDF software he links to. This doesn't seem to be a problem because there is an Adobe site that lets you make 5 documents for free with their trial offer. The whole process is done online, so there is nothing to download.

Then there is the issue of scripts for affiliates, so you can have affiliates sell your report for you. The scripts linked to in $7 Secrets do not work with a Mac. I don't really need to create affiliates for this report, as it's not marketing related, but I wondered for future reference if there is a way to do it on a Mac.

Finally, and I don't think this is a specifically Mac issue, I wondered about creating hyperlinks in a PDF document for my own affiliate programs. If you put a web url in a PDF document, will it create a hyperlink that readers can just click on?

Lots of questions, but this is my first attempt at marketing a report. I think my next computer will be a PC, just to make things simpler, but I have to make some money before I can get another computer :)
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Postby chriswight » Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:16 pm

If you're using a mac, I suggest you check out the iWork suite. The word processor in it, Pages, is great. The docs look nice, and it has a built in pdf export feature that preserves links.

The scripts in the report don't run on PCs either, they're meant to run on a web site. You upload them to a hosting account, customize them as necessary and away you go!

The only thing someone needs to promote your $7 product as an affiliate is the an affiliate link with their paypal email address on the end. The format looks like

Hope that helps!!
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Postby Lee » Mon Oct 15, 2007 1:46 pm

I just got a new iMac, been trying to figure things out, and this is could be helpful.

Thanks much. Now on to software to produce a web page with Mac.

Enjoy the day,

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