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What's your favorite copywriting course?

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Postby Bensettle » Fri Aug 01, 2008 8:50 pm

Let me just say I read Gary's letter, and I haven't stopped wanting those DVD's for the last 3 days. That is a very powerful letter, and you can bet I added it to my swipe file.

The beauty of Gary's course is that it is sort of a pain in the arse to buy it and, because of that, not very many people are ever going to own it.

So if you get it, you truly are in a small, exclusive group.

Not just because it costs $5k and he's only selling 2,000 copies, but because it really is a big production just to get it -- which (at least in my case, I can't speak for anyone else) makes you want to go through it even more when it arrives.

I mean, you gotta REALLY want it for $5k.

No "slapping" it on a credit card -- you gotta pay cash.

No easy online ordering -- you have to literally fedex a check in.

No quick delivery -- it takes between one to two weeks, because they wait to make sure your check clears.

And then when you get it, it's like the classiest product you'll ever see.

Gary and his wife Pauline are 100% pure CLASS, and have set the bar so high for info-products I'd be surprised to see anyone surpass it. (His "Da Bomb" bonus gift ALONE is worth $5k if you use it).

And that's no accident, as that's sort of the theme of the seminar:

Why not the best?

And then the entire course is about how to go out and have the best -- in terms of your products, services, customers, marketing, profits, and everything in between.

I'm on my 16th time through (literally) his course and I'm STILL getting new stuff from it.

It's like this extremely cool movie I just feel like watching over and over and over and never get tired of.

Just like the sales letter, it starts with a bang and ends with a bang.

There's no boring stuff, no "filler", and everything in it is designed to put money in your pocket (if you apply it, of course.)

Frankly, it's already paid for itself several times over for me.

I bought it in January, and have already made more bux this year -- half way through -- than I did all of last year -- and Gary's is the ONLY marketing/copywriting product I've studied this year. (Other than Ken McCarthy's excellent "The System Club Letters" book).

Anyway, I could go on and on and on about this.

I'm probably Gary's best salesmen right now :lol:

I know for a fact I've "sold" (via my not shutting up about it to my friends) at least two or three of these. Because I just can't keep quiet once I'm asked about it. I literally don't stop until they have a check out and are in the car to the local fedex store (just ask Doberman Dan Gallapoo).

And yet, somehow, I feel like I owe Gary a commission because I'm just so grateful to have this product and to know this stuff.

Alrighty, that's enough of my fanboy commentary.

Bottom line is Kyle is right, if you have the $5k, and if you're a serious student of the game, the $5k is a bargain.


P.S. One more thing I forgot to add: In the course of about 15 minutes, Gary also teaches you more about face-to-face selling than all the Zig-Ziglar, Brian Tracy and other sales "guru" books I've ever read combined. This part alone is worth the entire price and then some.
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