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Does Anyone Use AssocTrac affiliate software?

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Does Anyone Use AssocTrac affiliate software?

Postby misspellingsmakemoney » Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:38 pm

Hi Everybody

I went to Derek Gehl's (Formerly Corey Rudl's)
Internet Marketing Seminar. Held in Orlando Florida
this past February.

I purchased their products.. Including the AssocTrac
affiliate software program..

Does anyone here use it? Or has anyone used it in the
past, and switched over to something else to handle
their affiliate program?

I would greatly appreciate any and all answers to this..

It seems so complex, with a learning curve as wide
as the mississippi river, that I'm kind of overwhelmed.

Any thoughts or advice?

Thanks so much everyone,
What a great forum this is...

Sandy Hall
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