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Free Money For All ! Make Thousands Mthly from PPC Programs!

Methods & Tips for promoting your website, or affiliate programs, on the major search engines with pay-per-click advertising. Google Adwords, Overture, FindWhat, Kanoodle & more...

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Free Money For All ! Make Thousands Mthly from PPC Programs!

Postby topearn » Mon May 12, 2008 12:34 am


There is no limit on how much you can make from these 3 FREE Pay-to-Click programs. I’m making hundreds per month !

You earn $0.01 per ads you click on. You also earn $0.01 when your referrals click on ads ! And you can have UNLIMITED no of referrals ! Just need to wait 30 seconds to be credited before you click on the next ads. You get about 10-20 ads daily. You can click on the same ad every 24 hours.

Say you get an average of 15 ads to click on daily, so you earn 15 x $0.01 = $0.15 daily or $4.50 per month. And at 30 seconds per ad, you spend just 7 ½ minutes to click. You can surf all 3 programs all at once, meaning that after clicking on the ads in, go to world-bux to click, then go to bux3. So you surf all 3 sites at one go ! Minimum withdrawal is just $10, so in little more than 2 months, you can withdraw.

For 3 sites, you earn about 3 x $4.50 = $13.50 per month. Not much but don’t forget you don’t have to pay a single cent to join these 3 programs. And if you can get referrals, you will earn a lot more.

If you have 30 referrals, you will earn 31 x $13.50 = $418.50 per month !

If you have 100 referrals, you will earn 101 x $13.50 = $1,363.50 per month !!

If you have 300 referrals, you will earn 301 x $13.50 = $4,063.50 per month !!!

There really is no limit how much you can earn if you can refer others !!!!

If you need help to promote, then get this YahooAutoMailer (YAM) so that you can blast your ads to millions of Yahoo group members daily ! It cost just $4.95 one-time. Just get 1 referral will recover this measly $4.95 one-time cost. And you can use this YAM to promote ANY of your programs FOREVER ! ...
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Postby Russell Portwood » Sat May 17, 2008 8:36 pm

This just looks like an ad - forum spam. Would love to have you contribute something solid or ask a question or two. This is a great commuity and you cold benefit form getting to know these folks - just take the time to get to know some of them.
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