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PPC Tips...

Methods & Tips for promoting your website, or affiliate programs, on the major search engines with pay-per-click advertising. Google Adwords, Overture, FindWhat, Kanoodle & more...

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PPC Tips...

Postby MrCat » Thu Oct 04, 2007 6:32 pm

Hi all!

Just wanted to share some tips I advice some of my clients.

For PayPerClick campaigns, don't just rely on using top keywords for your PPC campaign - this is the reason why others are failing. Bidding on top keywords will yield you less as competition for these are stiff already. The technique here is opting for other long tail keywords that is more likely to yield specific results because specific searches on long tail keywords or phrases are the ones that usually convert. Those who employ such search are more likely to buy IMO.

PPC is a trial and error campaign for newbies. Always test the water before jumping in. Also be cautious on how much you bid at first, weigh first what keywords convert in your niche after a test run so you will know what works and what doesn't.

You should also try out other PPC providers for more reach on your campaign and to test what PPC platforms works best for you.

What are your effective techniques for a better ROI on PPC? Share in guys! ;)
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Postby Getagrip » Sat Oct 06, 2007 3:24 am

Thanks for the tips! As a general rule, the more words your keywords contain, the more targeted they will be.
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Postby James Schramko » Sat Oct 13, 2007 11:26 pm

true however some products with a targetted keyword can be effective. Brand names in particular if you are allowed to use them that is....
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Postby trekfun » Sun Oct 14, 2007 3:24 am

With all the regular Search Engines like Google your advice about the Top Keywords is very true. However I know of a search engine called Search Big Daddy that you could bid on Top Keywords without a problem. The reason is, you earn the pay per click credits you need to advertise with.

You do this by searching your own search engine portal, emailing, posting articles to a blog and building a downline.

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Postby doston » Tue Oct 23, 2007 2:37 pm

One nice way to test is to create a new account using one of the $55 vouchers offered by Google or $100 Coupons offered by Yahoo. Although you are required to make a deposit to activate your account, it's worth it so that you don't end up spending your own money to do testing.
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