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Upgrading To Wordpress 2.7 on Hostgator

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Postby nar321 » Sat Mar 21, 2009 7:00 pm

Final Update
Spam-free is installed correctly,managed to get all the weeds rooted out and then used the Install from a zip file in WP's back end to locate, upload and finally to install correctly. Think I will be making more use of this new possibilty.

nar321 wrote:Update: After deactivating all my plug-in's and using the WP upgrade for Word Press possibility I now have spam-free installed incorrectly and it actually shows twice in the plug-in's. Now all I 've to do is get installed correctly. Still no joy on one-click installer.

Didn't have the latest version of the Gear Theme, I do now and used the WP upgrade to do the upgrade. Had to do drag and drop in Filezilla to get spam-free to show up. It is not one of the easier plug-ins to install, but am hopeful that if and when I get it working it will do a better job on Comment Spam than akismet does. Not really sure in my case how needed is the one-click installer is now that WP has incorporated something similar into it's back end.
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