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The Worlds Best ClickBank Mall - Earn Money Displaying Ads!

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The Worlds Best ClickBank Mall - Earn Money Displaying Ads!

Postby snakeair » Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:06 am

Getting tired of google adsense and all the nonsense you have to put up with just to get a check? How bout a change of adnetworks and come over to the clickbank side of it. Get paid directly to your Clickbank account.

I'm informing you about the most powerful ClickBank contextual advertising system ever written. The cutting edge revolutionary features ensure that we hardly have any competition.

Make Money Just By Displaying Ads

CBproADS has developed an amazing Ad generation tool set which allows CBproADS members to create high quality ClickBank Ads which, when displayed, greatly increases the revenue generating potential of their websites and blogs. Using the built in customisation facilities of the Tool Set members can create ADS by category, display type, size, colour and format. How's that for control?

Contextual Ad Format

* Scrolling contextual ad format
* Image embedded ad format
* Image embedded slide show ad format

The Ultimate Clickbank Marketing Tool

CbproAds has made creating Cickbank hoplinks easier for you. CbproAds is a very easy and efficient way to promote Clickbank products. Just a few lines of code will display the latest Clickbank marketplace ads on your site, embedding your Clickbank ID in all your links.

Clickbank offers almost 50 - 75% commissions on their product sales. Pay-per-click systems generate a few pennies for each click, but by displaying Clickbank ads on your site, you can even earn $150 with just one click!

Double what you make in adsense income with 2 clickbank converts a month. For a list of recommened revenue generating websites please see this *Adsense Alternative* list i have created.

Let's say you get 2 click-threw's that turn into a sale each month and each earn $150. Now if you was using google adsense, to get $150 in one month you need a site that has very very high traffic and a ton of click's also i don't like Adsense's payment system. Google Adense tends to ban people for invalid clicks a lot even though they was not invalid in most case's. Then trying to convince google they was wrong is just a waste of your time.

You can even make money threw your own store selling lot's of clickbank products.

A Demo is provided on our website for you to see.

Have i got you interested yet? If so, please click on the link below to replace adsense with a real money maker.

Click Me (It's free to signup) You have nothing to loose and lot's of money to gain by registering today. I have made a good chunk of change this past year using them.


How would you like to recieve Instant Payments directly into your paypal account? This business was developed to make it simple and straightforward for the every day person to setup their own home based business online and start earning money quickly and easily. You will also recieve your own store to sell product's with 100% direct payments to your PayPal ID. Over 150+ products to sell and more added each month. . My Store You can even earn recurring commission month after month besides selling products from your store. Visit the link below for more information and to signup. (I'm already recieving Multiple Payment's to my PayPal ID. ~Snakeair)

Learn more about this business by clicking on the banner image below.


To Your Success

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