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Postby Mytaxfiler » Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:22 pm

We would like to offer Amended Tax Return service for people who newly brought their home. They have an option of amending the 2008 return to claim $8,000 first time homebuyer credit… also certain states provide additional credit..

Global Value Add the makers of will start Advance Tax Planning Services (ATPS) program on October 15th, 2009. There will be no charge for these services. You can get an estimate of how much you would owe or get a refund back based on our Tax Planning program. This will help you plan to save your taxes by adopting to tax saving strategies if needed. We would provide a detailed report along with recommendations to save your taxes.

Some of our extended Tax Planning program / strategies would include but not limited to…

- H1/L1 and other Expats from India and other countries
- Apprentices from India and other countries
- Students from India and other countries
- Green card holders
- First year choice test
- Double Taxation Treaty Agreement
- Planning for Stock traders
- Planning for Doctors/Physicians
- Planning for Self Employed
- Planning for New Businesses
- IRA-LLC program
- Stock option planning
- Alternative Minimum Tax planning
- Earned Income Credit
- Retirement programs and tax saving investments
- Americans working abroad
- Tax Compliance for NR's
- Risk/Asset Protection Strategies
- First Time Homebuyer credit
- Withholding Adjustment

Email us at or call 210.248.3397 today and ask our representatives about how we could assist you for planning your taxes better… Once again we reiterate that there are absolutely no strings attached to this program. We have offered this program free of costs to whoever wants to take an advantage of advance tax planning services with
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