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Join us in the Personal Development Industry

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Join us in the Personal Development Industry

Postby GoalsMagic » Fri Sep 03, 2004 1:05 am

Life Design Systems are a company dedicated to the development of human potential. We teach people to design the life of their dreams and then live the life of their own design. Our popular 1/2 day goal setting workshop 'Creating a Compelling Future' takes participants through a step-by-step process of designing their future through goal setting.

As our mission is to spread the magic in goal setting globally we are looking to build an associate network of people interested in personal development. As a licensed associate you will have the rights to deliver our workshops, training programs and coaching.

Right now we are looking for 4 foundational associates to join with those who have already come on board. If you are interested in running your own business in the personal development industry then please visit our web site now at:


Rod Moore
Life Design Systems

Remember ... in life you either follow your own dreams and goals or you wind up working for someone else's!
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