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qoutlook or dedicated e-mail marketing program?

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qoutlook or dedicated e-mail marketing program?

Postby Alkaye » Sun Mar 19, 2006 9:09 pm

I wish to send out a newsletter each month to 100 or more customers, but want to be sure it gets though.

I can send up a list in Outlook and then send it BCC, but wonder if it gets caught up in SPAM filters.

What is recommended? I know that BCC is not the best, but I wish to hide the identity.I am also consider the Mail merge option, but still want to be sure that it get opened.

My plan is to send an e-mail note that our newsletter is online and have a link to our web page so people can open it there.

Is Outlook just as good as any purchased e-mail marketing software?
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Postby Lynn Terry » Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:46 pm

First, you have the problem of your subscribers being double opt-in. Which means they sign up for your emails, then have to click a confirmation link in order to actually get subscribed. I dont know how you would do this using just Outlook, and have accurate records.

Also, you wont be able to track the open rate or the click-through rate of the emails that you send... so stats will be a guess at best.

I would recommend Aweber: . They are the leader in email marketing and list management. You can host multiple lists, have it post to an RSS feed at the same time it goes out via email, etc. There are a lot of benefits that make it worth $19.95/mo (including great stats).

I know it seems like just another expense at the onset, but if you plan to grow this list, and are serious about using it as a marketing tool... it's best to start out at Aweber. Because eventually you will want to move there, and you will generally lose 90% of your list in the switch.
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