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Email Marketers Will Love This – YahooAutoMailer !

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Email Marketers Will Love This – YahooAutoMailer !

Postby topearn » Mon May 12, 2008 12:15 am

Hi Guys,

Did you know Yahoo Groups is THE MOST USED INTERNET GROUP Today ?

If you have never advertised in Yahoo Groups, you are missing out on a lot of traffic!

If you have advertised on Yahoo Groups, you know the dilemma of POSTING DAILY to each group, over and over again, and if you use your email client, you can only post in groups of 10 at a time, because of the YAHOO's TOS and how Yahoo has the groups set up.

So, how'd you like to SET up your Yahoo Groups, Set up Your Messages, and Set up your TIME FRAME to have YOUR COMPUTER Email these groups EVERY DAY, on time, every time - EVEN IF YOUR COMPUTER IS SHUT OFF! ...

Now you can with YahooAutoMailer (YAM).


2. YAM is a truly Set and Forget Technology for Yahoo Groups!! Never again miss a mailing to your yahoo group list again!

3. Reach literally MILLIONS OF PEOPLE every single day of the week!

4. You can set up UNLIMITED YAHOO GROUPS with our FULL VERSION or Just use the Limited Version and send to 20 Yahoo Groups.

5. You can set up UNLIMITED MESSAGES and have those messages go out WHEN YOU WANT!

6. You can edit messages, view your messages, and even add different messages to the same groups to go out AUTOMATICALLY !

Once set up, YAM does all the work ! This state of the art technology is easy to install as well! Or we can install it for you for a small One Time Fee (very small fee)

Get your YAM Today for as little as $4.95. ...

It may just be the best decision you make all day
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Postby M4UNow » Thu Oct 30, 2008 11:01 am

Thank for the idea. I will efinetly check it out.

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