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How do you follow up on email leads given to you?

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How do you follow up on email leads given to you?

Postby mellymom3 » Sun Apr 06, 2008 2:31 pm

OK. I joined this service who gives me one optin lead a day. My question is, since they are not yet opted into my own list and services, just a lead, what is the best way to approach them? Do I create a special broadcast and send it to them? Do I send out a seperate hello, care to join my list...
message? Or do I just put them in my aweber and hope they will join?
I am still new to this whole thing, and have just recently started to receive optins from my two sites.
I wanted to see if I could gather more, so I decided to try this lead generation email subscriber idea.
Anyone who has had experience, I would love to gather some tips and tricks to get the most out of these prospects.

Thank you!
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Re: How do you follow up on email leads given to you?

Postby Paul Bergman » Sun Apr 06, 2008 3:43 pm

mellymom3 wrote: ... Or do I just put them in my aweber and hope they will join? ...

Be very careful about entering leads into your aweber account.
Aweber is very particular about the leads you put into your

Below are a couple of links from the aweber FAQ section. If you
don't find the answer to your question about your lead dig a little
deeper into the FAQ section. You can also call aweber, their staff
is very helpful.

Paul 8) ... is+List%3F ... cribers%3F

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Postby Katarina1 » Tue Apr 22, 2008 11:43 am

They are almost NEVER targeted leads and also, by doing this, you will receive few spam reports.
What would I do , if buying leads? I would tell them who I am ,what I do and why I have his or hers email.Second, I would give them a free gift if they chose to stay on my list by going through my 2 page survey in which they answer basic questions like name,email,what kind of problems they have online,what topic they like,what did they buy online ...You can ask 10 questions free, it is called 'monkey survey' or something like that, Google it. You can expect 30-40% people to opt in and then and only then upload those people into your auto responder.Track everything and don't ask stupid questions in your survey,do a research,I don't know what are you selling so I can't be specific. I get my optin's by making videos and posting them on you tube and other video publishing sites. That is why they are highly targeted already.
The idea behind conducting a survey is to let people tell you what they want to buy.

You email to them should be something like this:

Dear Marketing Subscriber,
I am xx and I bought your email or you subscribed through co-reg....
I am doing this or that_____________.

I have a fabulous free gift for you.

You can receive my 10-page free report $49 value "Amazing
Marketing Secret " just for taking the following
2-minute survey.

You can complete this form by email or by going to web.

EMAIL DIRECTIONS - Choose reply, place an X between the brackets,
then click send.

WEB DIRECTIONS - give your monkeysurve link here

1) Which of the following problems are you most concerned about?
X the top two.

Trying to create your products [ ]
Poor ranking in the search engines[ ]

2) How long have you been marketing on the Internet? (Pick one)
months xxx
yearsxxx (this tells you if somebody is newbie or not)

3) did you buy products online and what?

4) What price would be more than you're willing to pay for
that product? (X $)

blah,blah,... be creative here

Thank you for taking our survey.
your gift will come to your email box in few minutes..

This is it, I wish you well and loads of success mellymom3

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