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Any one heard of Yahotoogle?

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Any one heard of Yahotoogle?

Postby mystery777 » Mon Oct 09, 2006 7:33 pm

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone ever heard of yahotoogle?

Here is what they offer and say:

"We are 100% spam free and CAN Spam Compliant.

There is no limit on the number of times per day that our members can send out their

The Easiest Email Blasting for professional mass email marketing campaign right here
from our website.

Yahot-oogle isn't a phony Groups Mailer that sends millions of emails to hundreds of
people's self cleaning email boxes, this system actually puts real live people on your
website, people that are searching for money making opportunities, bizops,
investment opportunities & working from home opportunities. Use an ad tracker
and you will see hits within only hours of using this AWESOME system. One of the
best features of our service is that there is nothing to download and everything
you need is right here on our website.

No Software To Buy - Nothing To Download.
Everything Is On Our Server Bandwidth.
No More ISP Problems. - 100% Double Optin.

Step 1: Become a member today for only $19.95 and we gladly accept different payment options
including PayPal payments by clicking the PayPal button at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: Build Your Message Page. Simply enter the subject line of the message, and type or Copy/Paste
in your message. Next, just type in the information with links to your website and click the submit button.


PLUS, 30% second tier, 40% third tier and 50% fourth tier

Want to be a reseller of this Amazing Broadcasting System and make tons of money?

We will pay you to join! That's right, Win $10.00 instantly just for registering NOW.

Click here to make $10.00 instantly just for a free signing up as a reseller.
Reselling services provided by My Cash

This special offer will end without notice so get on board today!

Join Today! - $19.95"

Do you think this is legitimate? how do they do it and does it work?
Thanks a lot...
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Postby Getagrip » Sat Mar 10, 2007 3:21 am

WOW, what a name! I just use great!
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Postby Lynn Terry » Sat Mar 10, 2007 11:05 am

This is completely different than Aweber...

Personally, I havent heard of it - but its not something I would consider using. Any type of lead/email blaster is a little on the shady side compared to building your own targeted email list that opts in for your updates or information.
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Group Mailers

Postby theTrafficMaster » Wed Aug 15, 2007 1:20 pm

I have been using groups as part of my own promotional campaigns since the very beginning of my on-line marketing career three years ago. I had stopped once just because of how time consuming they can be and I really did notice a difference in my stats so I resumed using them.

Although Groups will bring you great reliable traffic be careful with these.

Only post in related Groups and do not spam any board. You do not want to work so hard to build up your promotion only to have it shut down due to spam reports.

On-line companies have very strict policies on spam and will not hesitate to shut down an affiliate Url that is getting spam reports. Before joining a new group I spend some time looking over the group to see what type of posts are currently being posted. I carefully read over the description of the groups and check out the 'about this group' link to be sure these groups are free for everyone to post and what the restrictions are, if any.

I personally promote to more than 600 affiliate advertising safe groups about 4 or 5 times a week. I do receive traffic to my websites from these posts but what these groups do best is to help create 'backlinks'. Backlinks are simply links from other place directed to your website. What do back links do exactly? They improve your search engine ranking this is also known as Search Engine Optimization SEO. These links also get individually spidered by the search engines and your ad will show up when and if someone is doing research on a company or just looking for info in general.

Hint: Play around with popular keyword search items. The words scam, review, success, fraud, new, lucrative, profitable are highly searched words. I suggest you try to work this into the information of your ads. People are online looking to see if thier program they are signing up for is legit. So they might type something like..."Is a scam?"as their search criteria. You are covered. If you question if this actually works. Google into your web browser now and you will see how many of my adverts are on the first 5 pages. If you google and Scam you will see I have many of the listing on the first page, 3 of these being group postings. There are 60000 members in this company!

Hint 2: Word your ad into an article. This is an example of a Subject heading that will get indexed and searched, "Are MLM on-line companies legit or Just Scam Pyramid Schemes". In fact if you type that into your browser you will see my ads! In the end I write about how to distinguish between a legit business and a scam and give an example...the example of course is the company I promote.

Of course I have been intrigued by Group Submitters for quite some time now as you can imagine posting to groups can be very time consuming especially when you are mass posting which is most effective.

I have payed for and tried a couple that have produced very poor results. I don't believe in using trackers with Groups because of the SEO value that groups hold but I did send out a few days worth of posting with trackers to these submitters just to test the results. My results? A big zero! I did searches for my tracking URL which should show up in the search engines within a week. Nothing. My obvious conclusion? They weren't working.

I have not tried YaHoToogle but I have seen in advertised lots and have been tempted. I have been waiting to see a positive review. To date I have not seen anything positive or negative.

In fact the only positive review I have found on any Group Mailer was from a company called GroupMailers. Apparantly this company sends out ads from their server but you have to join each group and post with your user name. Somehow this makes sense to me. The cost of Groups Mailer is $15 every month.

My solution to this whole Group Submitting dilema? I set my own!

I used the same criteria as GroupsMailer in that you have to join each group and then you can post from my server once per day.

I made joining part easy by setting up a mass joining system in which you upload a bookmarks file to your Firefox browser. You open all the bookmarks in tabs which will open to each groups join page. You go across your browser tabs and hit the join button for each group. Using my system in 1 hour you can join all the groups. Considering I have spent this much time everyday posting to groups I think it is quite efficient.

So far I have just set up for Google Groups but I plan to add two more mailers for MSN and Yahoo. Since they all have different criteria ie, html and plain text options I plan to keep them separate unlike YaHoToogle.

If you are interested in my free mailer please visit for more info.

Yes free.

: )

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Are You One Of the Resellers.

Postby Wally » Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:01 pm


I just emailed them some questions. How is working for you if you are
working the business.


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