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Live Webinar (with a bit of a twist) -Tuesday Noon EDT

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Live Webinar (with a bit of a twist) -Tuesday Noon EDT

Postby Lynn Terry » Mon Aug 18, 2008 11:59 pm

As you know, I host a live webinar every week at noon eastern. Unfortunately I've had a bit of a glitch in my schedule, and cant make the live webinar this week (August 19th).

I really hated to cancel on you guys again... so instead I came up with a brilliant idea!

I've invited Alejandro Reyes (aka SuccessFool) to step in and take my place in the hot seat. I just spoke with him and finalized the details - he has agreed to let you grill him for a full hour with ANY of your internet marketing questions!

I expect you'll give him a warm welcome, and keep him busy with how-to's and why's and what about this & that's ;)

Oh - and I gave him permission to bring along his friends too, so there may be a surprise guest or two. I am going to do my best to make it back in time to join in at the tail end, but in the case I dont make it... enjoy!

If you arent already registered, you can register (free) at:

Oh - and remember Ryan Moran of Spacebankers that joined us awhile back for a Live Q&A on MySpace marketing? Here's the link if you need a refresher:

Well, Ryan is going to join Alejandro in the "hot seat" while I am away tomorrow. With both these guys together... there's no telling what to expect!

They were both awesome when they joined us as guests on recent webinars, so I have no doubt you're in for a GREAT live hour. I really hate to miss this one! I hope they get the recording right so I can listen in later :)

Again, if you're not registered for the free weekly webinars, be sure to get signed up at

Enjoy! :D
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