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Updates from Lynn - October 14, 2007

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Updates from Lynn - October 14, 2007

Postby Lynn Terry » Sun Oct 14, 2007 9:49 pm

Weekend Update from SSWT (Important News about Webinars, Freebies & More...)

Well, it may not be the weekend by the time you receive this
note... I'm a little late sending it out.

The most important thing I wanted to share is that I have set
up a new mailing list for those of you that want notification
of our Free Weekly Webinars.

While the idea of subscribing to two lists might not appeal to
you, you wont actually be receiving any additional emails. You
will still get the weekly tips (here, through this list) and
also the Webinar Notification (with each weeks unique login)
email that I usually send out through this list.

That way the people who are not interested in the free weekly
event arent bothered with those notifications.

All you have to do is send a blank email from your main email
address to or check out the new Webinar
page at:

Also, last week I sent you a note about Kidino's brand new
high-converting optin designs (or email sign-up forms). I know
that many of you downloaded the 2 free squeeze pages he offered.
So did I :) I am now using one of the super cool Web 2.0 designs
on my blog if you'd like to see a live example: ... ign-proof/

Remember the Affiliate Blogging interview? If you missed it,
that was a fun and very detailed 30 minute interview where
Joseph Ratliff asked me to share my personal secrets for
successfully promoting affiliate programs on a blog. You can
read the details of that interview here: ... affiliate/

I had the interview transcribed and you can now download the
MP3 of that interview plus the transcription (as a PDF file).
You will find both on Joseph's blog at
or you can download the zip file from this link: ...

For those of you following along with Michael Green's challenge,
I also posted a new 20/20 update on my blog over the weekend: ... challenge/

See you on the forum, at the Webinar on Tuesday, or over at
ClickNewz! Take care ;)

Lynn Terry

P.S. Are you a VA? Do you Hire VA's? See my weekend rant: ... -industry/

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