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Business Greeting Cards - Tokens With Big Returns

Offline Marketing tips and techniques - how to market your online business OFFline. Also discussing Offline Business set-up and strategy.

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Business Greeting Cards - Tokens With Big Returns

Postby gmarsh » Sun Nov 07, 2004 6:03 am

Hello Everyone!

As a Marketing Consultant I advise my clients looking to build and maintain client loyalty should think about the versatility, cost-effectiveness and inherent power of greeting cards. It’s true that long-term customer relationships are often built on small, but consistent, contacts. When clients feel they are being thought of, they also feel valued. Odds are great that the small investment of a business greeting card will be repaid with their continued and increased business.

When asked why they take their business elsewhere, two-thirds of all customers say they felt "neglected." Unfortunately, one under-appreciated, lost client may result in nine more unhappy potential customers when the word gets out. With salespeople today already losing 10% to 30% of their customers annually, no salesperson seeking to become successful should discount the importance of loyal clients. Sixty-five percent of a salespersons business comes from this group and it makes good business sense to hold on to them. The cost to acquire a new customer is six times higher than the cost to keep a current one.

Sending Business Greeting Cards can:

 Encouraging a prospect to meet for an initial appointment.
 Reinforce a commitment to a particular customer, letting them know they are valued.
 Express appreciation to a customer for their business, preventing "buyers remorse."
 Motivating the client or prospect to move to the next step in the business process.
 Reestablishing a business relationship that has fallen by the wayside.
 Contacting your clients or prospects when they are not returning your calls.
 Asking for referrals

Changing the world for the better, one card at a time..A Personal Touch in a Wired World!

Successfully yours,
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One step further

Postby Warren Contreras » Wed Dec 15, 2004 10:38 pm

If anyone truly feels that greeting cards are an important part of building relationships (and I do) why not take the ultimate big step and learn to make your own.

My wife is a demonstrator for a rubber stamp manufacturer and I can't believe some of the cards I have seen at her workshops. I have her make cards for all my important contacts I am trying to impress.

Think about it, would you feel warmer getting a mass printed greeting or something someone cared enough to make themselves?
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