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How to Generate Website Traffic – 26 Ways

Offline Marketing tips and techniques - how to market your online business OFFline. Also discussing Offline Business set-up and strategy.

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How to Generate Website Traffic – 26 Ways

Postby doc333 » Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:53 am

Unless there is web site traffic generation in the business’s site, there are no chances for the business to grow. It simply means that there is no result in terms of leads, subscribers, sales or any such source, which a businessperson is looking forward to achieve.

Web site traffic generation plays a major role in taking a business at high levels. The following tips ensure an easy method for a businessperson to achieve the desired goal.


1. Write about the position held and e-mail it to bloggers. Chances are that they link back to the web site.

2. Assign links to social sites of book marking in the web pages.

3. Include signature link in the forums that might point to the web page a businessperson is trying to promote.

4. Make sure there are opposite opinions on a topic, provided there is justification for every opinion. Some opinions may annoy certain readers with different ideas. This will encourage them to visit that web page to raise their voice.

5. Remember to post comments on blogs of other people and links to the web site.

6. Reply questions on Yahoo Answers and quote the web site.

7. Design a 404 page, which directs again to the web site home page.

8. Make a review of a company or a product. In case of a positive review, e-mail it to the company. Request them to feature it in the press section. This works well.

9. For easy web site traffic generation, write a few articles and submit those to articles sites.

10. A writer may also write a newsworthy press release and submit the same to the PR Web for targeted web site traffic generation.

11. Maintain trade links with people who have opt-in form on the web site's confirmation page.

12. Do not forget to post in search engine groups linking to that web site in the signature.

13. Include RSS subscribe link/button in the web site.

14. The businessperson may submit blogs to any blogs directory.

15. Make use of Pay-per-click methods for web site traffic generation.

16. Have a mention of the web site on Craig list.

17. Purchase links to the site and place reviews about it on other web sites.

18. Moreover, purchase space for banners on different web sites.

19. Forward articles to a number of publishers, which link back to the web site.

20. Buy misspelling of top competitor's domains and redirect the site.

21. For web site traffic generation, make use of systems of traffic trading such as BlogRush.

22. Design freebie products such as software, white paper and e-book.

23. The businessperson may submit the web site to many free directories.

24. Begin with any affiliate program with a product in hand and meet affiliates.

25. Send the product to web site owners for a review. This enhances the chances of web site traffic generation.

26. Watch a top web site. Request for writing a few guest posts for their site


Online entrepreneurs know the importance of web site traffic generation but they are not aware of other ways of marketing except the standard advertising methods. The above given methods are highly beneficial for them. It will not only draw more customers but will also increase the rankings of web sites in major search engines.
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Postby toptones » Thu Dec 11, 2008 11:48 pm

Thanks doc...good stuff. Question re "The businessperson may submit blogs to any blogs directory." and "The businessperson may submit the web site to many free directories." What do they mean?
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Postby doc333 » Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:00 am

what I mean is: you can submit your blog to many blog directories, you could use blog submission software to speed this up.
and you could submit your site to many site directories, again using site submission software.
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