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Promos (extension of an old idea)

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Promos (extension of an old idea)

Postby HowardH » Sat Sep 18, 2004 12:25 pm

There probably aren't any really original ideas in marketing anymore, but this one struck me as moderately exciting.

There was a doctor looking for a way to grow his practice. He hired a marketer who ran a number of different campaigns for him, but only one of them was a standout success. It was a 100 really cheap pens with the message, "Bring this pen to Dr. B's clinic for a free checkup. ###-###-#### for details."

In tracking the effectiveness of this campaign, they found that each pen got recycled an average of 5 times in 6 months. Net result was that the doctor had to close his practice to new patients.

This marketing guru ran several other tests with other clients, and came up with these general guidelines for using promotional items in marketing:

1) The item must be personalized with some attractive offer
2) The item must have some utility, but --
3) The item can't be too nice (or people will keep them instead of passing them on to friends)
4) The item must be reasonably durable

I have located an outfit that will sell me personalized wooden pencils for less than 12 cents each, and I think that I will try that for my Defensive Driving Course ($5 discount offer). I plan to leave several dozen in pencil-cups at the local libraries and any local businesses that will let me. Good thing I have a heavy-duty electric sharpener!
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