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Help on what the best course of action is

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Help on what the best course of action is

Postby hector99b6 » Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:40 am

I'm a college student and back home making money right now. I've got an AMEX Blue with 2000 on it (8000 limit) and Chase Freedom with 1200 on it (7500 limit). Both are out of their introductory 0% for a year time limits and I'm now paying interest. I've got an old Citi MTVu Card with no balance and 5000 dollar limit.

I'm thinking of looking for another card that I can transfer these two balances to and hopefully phase out the Chase Freedom. I will keep my MTVu, because I've had it open for 3 years and I love Amex's customer service, so that leaves the Chase either in the sock drawer or closed (any opinions?).

My credit score from equifax ( tonight was 747. I figure that's good for a college student with not a lot of history.

Any thoughts, suggestions. I'm charging about 1000 a month on each and paying 1200-1300 (2000 spent - 2400-2600 paid).
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