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30 Ways to use your business cards

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30 Ways to use your business cards

Postby MommyEnterprises » Thu Feb 26, 2004 4:27 pm

I found a great list of ways you can use your business cards.

Thirty Ways to Use Business Cards

Best Wishes

Stefani :wink:
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Postby » Fri Mar 26, 2004 6:15 pm

Great link! Thanks for posting it!
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Postby Rose » Sun Mar 28, 2004 5:49 pm

Diana Ratliff also has some great ideas on using and marketing with business cards.
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Business Cards

Postby Eileen » Fri Apr 16, 2004 7:22 pm

Great articles, thanks for the links. I just want to echo the sentiment that the back shouldn't be wasted. The cost of printing the back of the card in b/w is minimal and can bring big results. Example: I list all the types of writing I do on my card. Many people think only of traditional print media when they see I'm a copywriter. So I made sure to put web content and e-zines in my list of services on the back. Sure enough, I've had a couple people turn the card over, see that I do new media as well, and express an interest in my services. Well worth the little bit of extra money I spent printing the back, that's for sure. :D
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Postby nsusa » Fri Apr 16, 2004 8:40 pm

Business cards are a great marketing tool. I can recommend when ordering business cards. Their quality is excellent from experience so far. They are not the fastest though - but the quality makes up for it.

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Postby uniquelyyours » Thu Nov 10, 2005 9:20 am

I like using business cards, I am using a new service that has what they call sizzle cards. They are great, no your normal type of business cards. But they work like a charm.

For regular business cards I use prints made easy they are excellent, good quality, fast delivery (within a week for NY). Right they are offering 15% off your first order when you use this code. MYCARDS good luck

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Check out this crafty way to use a Card

Postby karynsolo » Mon Mar 20, 2006 11:09 pm

Another super way to use your business cards is to put a catchy but not cheesy phrase on the front, buy you some double back sticky tape and some pill bags from walgreens or walmart pharmacy, stuff the bag with some cards, and palm them with some tape on the back to phone booths, in laundromats, restroom stalls you name it, anywhere you can.

The first time I did this with some cards it was at a phone booth at a 7-11. I went in to get something to drink and by the time I walked out the door there was a guy with one of my cards in his hands and waiting to ask me what it was all about.
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Postby Carlie » Fri Jul 21, 2006 7:28 pm

Very helpful! Thanks! :)
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