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Radio and TV Spots

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Radio and TV Spots

Postby debroar » Fri Jul 14, 2006 12:21 pm

I've been around talk radio as a talk show host and have marketed on radio before however I've never marketing my Networking Marketing business that way. Likewise for local cable television. I have always seen success in this marketing place so I thought I would share some knowledge and also ask for feed back.

Places for affordable advertising. Public Radio Stations, can sometimes link to a cable tv spot as well. Classical stations, Jazz and AM. Now if you are in an area that has a huge following for a local classical or jazz station than you may not find them as affordable as they can be in other markets however these are good places to start.

Recording an ad spot is pretty easy. You may have a friend with a hard disc recording system - someone who is a closet recording artist - and you can record there. Ask the station what format they accept. If you don't have a place to record, the station will usually have a way to accomodate you. Once you have a recorded "spot" you can use it over and over again. If doing the voiceover work on your ad is not your first, or even second choice, find someone else. The Station may have someone they can recommend or you may know someone. It should be someone with a good presence and voice. They do not have to be part of your opportunity to be effective.

TV spots, local and national cable spots are a bit more tricky in that you require taping them. You can ususally do this with the help of your local cable station as they have a studio, however the first question would be to find out what format they accept and than what options you have. You could record on your own home equipment, provided you have good sound and than do a tranfer, you just have to aware of the expenses involved in transfering to the stations desired format. Last time I did this is was 3/4 inch tape, that however may have changed as we are now so heavily into digital. Of course, your local cable may not have the lastest in equipment.

Putting you ad on rotation in either of these mediums is simple and often in the case of radio they may have a sister station where they can offer a packaged deal. Cable will more than likely offer different local and national packages, so look closely at your options and your budget.

Demographics play a heavy role in this type of advertising so make sure you check that information and the stations themselves will provide that in a media kit.

That said, has anyone out there used these mediums for your business? I would like to hear about it and also any feedback you may have regarding your exerience or ideas.

As always.. Whatever you do.. HAVE FUN!
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