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How To Achieve Endless Business Growth Without Sponsoring

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How To Achieve Endless Business Growth Without Sponsoring

Postby Victor » Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:55 am

What Im going to talk about in this article is something called monetization. What I mean by monetize is what you want is for all your marketing and other business activities to pay for themselves. You don’t want to have to dip into your personal reserves to fund your business.

Monetization is the process of turning what are otherwise business expenses into sources of profit instead. A good example of this is a business turning it’s customer service center (typically a huge expense) into a source of profit by training it’s reps to upsell when it fits the customers problem.

Now as network marketers the activity that we want to monetize is prospecting. Imagine if people paid you upfront to prospect them. This is not an exaggeration and when this business is done right this can be your reality.

The vast majority of MLMer’s are taught to do things backwards by marketing there opportunity first. Your opportunity is a high commitment and in most cases a high dollar offer. This is why it should be your backend offer and the last thing you offer your prospect. It’s your backend offer because it’s difficult to sell upfront due to the high commitment and high dollar amount to get started.

What you want to do is offer a low commitment high value inexpensive information product upfront. The reason I say an information product is because everyone loves good how to information. You could offer an ebook (yours or an affiliate product) on “How to generate leads” now when a person purchases your ebook on lead generation you have just generated a prospect and you have made money with them. Now you may sponsor them into your backend business or you may not but at least when you talk to them about your opportunity you already have generated a profit and provided them with high value information they where searching for. Monetization is how the top 3% of networkers build sprawling organizations in a very short period of time put it to work in your business and you will see similar results.
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