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Secret Law of Attraction to recruit the perfect prospect

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Secret Law of Attraction to recruit the perfect prospect

Postby JakeHyten » Fri Oct 19, 2007 3:31 am

Since I have begun using web 2.0 and "my story marketing" to recruit prospects for my mlm the Secret law of attraction has blown my business out of the water for recruiting the perfect prospect.

I think many people when getting into network marketing especially beginners go out and try to recruit anyone that will listen to them. Short term this works but often leads to working with people who you don't care to work with.

The best thing I've done for my business is to write down the EXACT type of prospect I would like to work with. For me because I am extremely aggressive, have a "how can" attitude and originally built my mlm business almost exclusively from the cold market I want to work with hungry, aggressive people. I hated working with whiners or complainers.

After taking time to craft the perfect person to work with for some reason I only get calls from almost the EXACT same type of people! I've had maybe one whimp call me asking me to work with him.

And I'm not saying people shouldn't work with those types of people. Everyone needs a mentor it just shouldn't be me. Just like some people shouldn't and wouldn't want to work with the sharks I like to work with.
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Postby trekfun » Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:28 am

The law of attraction is a very powerful concept in business and life too. If you are positive about your life and business and what you are capable of. You will find what the law of attraction is all about, your life will improve, business will become better and if you will really desire what you want and never give up, you will get what you want.

A new website based on the concept of the law of attraction and pay it forward, it is called Project Kindness. People go there to tell of their acts of kindness for the day. This website will have lots of traffic for the keywords there that are tied to many different business. It is free to join, the keywords cost though.

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