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How to find your type of business

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How to find your type of business

Postby dv572 » Wed Aug 08, 2007 10:45 am

This is totally my opinion, but feel free to add any info, I'm always interested in obtaining new knowledge.

Here it goes.

Every month or so, there's different and new home based businesses that comes and will create competition to other existing home based businesses. Because of this, there's more than 100's of different online opportunities to become part of and those different sites have different plans, benefits, you name it.

Allot of people fail at these opportunities because of different reasons. Some say this particular website have helped others succeed but for some reason it didn't help that particular simple individual for whatever reason, some say it could be a scam, etc.

All I can say is when you search for an opportunity or a business to work online, try to find as much positive results/postings as possible or you can do it the old fashion way which is to risk it and experience your mistakes by submitting to a website blindly and hope everything goes well. I've been there and done that, not to mention lose money for something that didn't work.

Another method that might work, if you see any negative postings, I would contact that individual and ask why that person would think that way. This may help but try not to send too many emails.

I'm not saying this to insult your intelligence, I'm saying this to help any individuals out there who are having tough times trying to live a better life, to find a opportunity, to succeed, or whatever goal(s)you're trying to achieve.

If your looking for an opportunity or the right online business for yourself, please do allot of research about it first before you decide to submit to that particular website. If it requires you to have a sponsor, make sure to get yourself a really good sponsor who can help you throughout your business career or you can develop your own business, which would be best to find as much resources as possible to succeed.

Whatever I have problems and need help. I usually go to and type in my questions or issues. You'll be amazed of the results it can help.

Like the good old saying I've been told, getting a good sponsor is key to your success.

That's it for my opinions, I hope this helped anyone out there with such familiar issues.
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